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08/11/2005: "Pa, there's a bear in the house!"

This happened in Juneau earlier this week:Bear Opens Garage Door, Enters Home. It was originally published in the Juneau Empire but I don't link to articles from there anymore since they now make you register in order to read them.

In other news, I'm reading "Art Marketing 101" a book I bought a long time ago but never read. It seems to have all the missing pieces I've been searching for. Also, went sailing again last night. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous but bright sunny days are seldom very windy so it's not very exciting out on the water.

I did get radioed by the captain of the huge cruise ship "Amsterdam" who was getting ready to leave port but couldn't because I was in his way. He was very nice about it. I forgot the proper marine radio lingo and when he thanked me for moving I said something like "you're welcome, bye bye". "BYE BYE?" Oh well, live and learn.

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on Thursday, August 11th, dave from Nebraska said

Another good link.
Bears freak me out man!!
Glad your having fun.

on Thursday, August 11th, Elise said

Yah, this kind of thing is funny but kind of scary too. I remember a couple semesters ago one of my students (who knew I lived a couple blocks from her) called me to tell me that a bear had broken down the fence in her front yard and had just come into her arctic entry. I said "why the hell are you calling me???, call 911". Geesh~