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08/18/2005: "Community Supported Agriculture"

Today I got my first box of organic veggies from Full Circle Farms. This photo shows half the small semi-weekly box I'm splitting with a friend. (oh yah, this doesn't show the blackberries which are already in my tummy).

full-circle-farm (85k image)

Another friend here in Juneau is try to do the 100 Miles Diet:

"Also known as "locavores" - these groups are aiming to only eat food grown or produced within a 100 mile radius."

That is pretty damn tough when you live where I do, where there are no roads in or out of town and everything comes by air or barge. Still, the Tlingits lived a subsistence existence in this part of Alaska for hundreds of years so it is possible. You can grow raised bed vegetable gardens, there is *more* than enough berries, edible wild plants and sea weeds, salmon, crab, and other well as game.

Alaska has one of the best regulated fisheries in the world, and Fish and Game also closely watches and limits hunting licenses. Well, it is a thought, something to aim towards though I'm sure Ben and Jerry's is still in my future!

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on Friday, August 19th, holly said

I did something like this one year with a roommate who was tremendously knowledgable about nutrition. We ate "local" foods and no processed stuff. During the year she lived with me, I lost about 40 pounds and felt fantastic. We are fortunate enough to have a more temperate climate and a longer growing season than you, but you have SEAFOOD!!!!

on Friday, August 19th, Elise said

That's true, the seafood here is amazing. I'm excited about trying to eat more holistically, I'm just not going to jump into it too quickly, as I want it to be something I can live with long term.