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08/20/2005: "Another book cover commission?"

Yesterday a professor from our geology department asked to commission me to do the cover art for her next book! It's actually the updated edition of a popular book she's been doing since the mid 80s. I, of course, would be *thrilled* to do it... I just have a sinking feeling that it might not work out.

I looked up the series in Amazon (each state has their own edition and this one would be for Alaska) and all the state's covers seemed to be designed by the same person. I'm hoping that she has control over who does her book cover but the publisher might require that all the books in the series keep the same look and feel so they can be easily identified.

I would be willing to work within their parameters if given the chance, I emailed her about it and haven't heard back so hopefully she's looking into it. I just hope it works out; she's a very well respected researcher in the state (not to mention the fact she's purchased 2 of my paintings) so it would be a big deal for me to get to work with her on it.

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, wish me luck!

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on Saturday, August 20th, Kasia said

I wish you luck! Keep on going! I know it is a stressful situation - I don't like working under pressure , either. But sometimes it can be very stimulating! I do hope it is one of those times for you:)

on Saturday, August 20th, Elise said

Hi Kasia,
I think it would be more stimulating than stressful. I want you to know I've been reading your blog and enjoy it very much. If you would like to gain more readers, here are some tips.

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But, I know some people don't want a lot of people to find their blogs and if that true for you, just ignore what I said.

on Sunday, August 21st, Kasia said

Thank for the tips! God, what would I do without you?

on Monday, August 22nd, subi said

WOW! keeping my fingers crossed for you lisey!!!!!

on Monday, August 22nd, Elise said

Thanks! I haven't heard back from her yet but I'm still hopefull. :satisfied: