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08/22/2005: "Not even your checks are safe!"

I found out today that a guy named David Brock has been using the electronic routing number from one of my checks to pay for his monthly $5.95 MSN Money services... for THIRTYFOUR payments!

Someone else here in Juneau couldn't figure out what some generic looking fee for $5.00 was each month so the bank tracked it back to an internet cafe here in juneau where an employee from the coffee shop next door had signed up for online porno using her electronic routing number. It's the same coffee shop I go to all the time so this might be the same asshole.

The moral of the story is to be REALLY vigilent. This is the 4th time I've been screwed by online banking, another example being the recent credit card incident (someone accessed my account online, changed my mailing address to somewhere in North Carolina and started charging up a storm, even after I'd set up a fraud alert on my account with Equifax) now this!

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on Monday, August 22nd, Kasia said

That scary and tha's why i don' trust electronic banks at all. I pay most of my bills via Internet, but I always think of THAT. Fotunaltely nothing has happened, so far. Maybe people should get back to the old times and keep their money under the pillow? (And wait until someone breaks into the house and steals everything). I hope they make that guy pay you back!!! :angry:

on Tuesday, August 23rd, Elise said

The funny thing is that I've always been paranoid about paying for things over the internet but this latest fraud was done with one of my paper checks from the bank which I used at a physical store. That makes it seem worse somehow.