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09/20/2005: "I'll never tell..."

I'm waiting for a deposit check to arrive so I can start on a rather large commission I picked up last week (and not the sell out kind either-yeah!). I think once I'm into the pigments again I'll feel more like myself...although, I do feel pretty much like myself now, only like my "I'm not painting" self. This side of my character is as real as any, I just like my painting self more.

Oh, and my dobro finally arrived today and though it's beautiful, I can see right away I have no clue how to play it (frightened yet excited) is there anyone who can teach me?

Hmm, so what else is going on? My life has been uneventful lately in terms of what I can write about.
I know anyone reading this blog might not believe it, but there are *some* things I consider private, things I won't talk about here, and so...there may be less to talk about...for awhile anyway.

Although there's still a lot going on upstairs, so I could be wrong.

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on Wednesday, September 21st, Dio said

You can't beat a good bit of upstairs action - hope its going well. ;)

I'm sure you'll soon pick up the dobro in no time, an hour a night and a self help manual and it all falls into place. I only gave up due to an innate lack of rythmn. :D

on Wednesday, September 21st, Kasia said

There are definitely things that shouldn't be dicussed in public... i know.
When will you get back to painting?

on Wednesday, September 21st, Elise said

Does that mean you used to play the dobro dio? If so, did you enjoy it other than your lack of rythmn? I did get a DVD from the library on how to play but haven't watched it yet...I just had no idea how big it would be, how wide the neck and how far the strings are from the kneck. I'm sure I'll get used to it but first I have to learn how to tune the damn thing.

And Kasia, I'll get back to painting as soon as that deposit check arrives. I'm very diligent about working on commissions even when the muses aren't shining upon me.

Because of that I've been kind of looking at the next commission as the end of my hiatus.

on Wednesday, September 21st, greg said

I think yer supposed to play it with yer teeth .. the way Jimi did it!
Actually, did it come with a metal slide and finger picks? if so just start a'slidin', a'pickin' an'a'grinin! :D

What? No private personal stuff?!? Well I just may hafta cancel my subscription! ;-)

on Wednesday, September 21st, Elise said

It didn't come with picks or a slide, I'm going to the music store on my lunch break to see what they have in store. The strings feel pretty loose, I think they detuned it for shiping, and it's tuned G B D G B D from low to high (blugrass open G).

Once I get it all figured out I'm sure they'll be a lot of slidin' pickin' an' a' grinin' goin' on!

Those finger picks for dorbros reminds me of Freddy Krugar's fingernails. Eck! Also, I'm starting to have feelings of unease regarding my possibly less than adequate fingers (for slides) I have very small hands.
As for no personal stuff...geesh! I normally disclose the humiliating details of my daily life ad nauseam ... I probably do a lot towards making other people feel better about themselves!
But some things you can't talk about for various reasons (legal, for example, or for the sake of someone else's confidentiality). Don't worry, you're still going to get your money's worth!

on Wednesday, September 21st, subi said

hey there...congrats on the commission! and btw, my suggestion the other day wasn't going toward the sell-out mentality...if you didn't already get that, it was more about putting limits on yourself...can paint this, can't do that, etc etc... but hey, I know you do that anyway!

now you've peaked my interest about things private!!!! paramour in the house?

on Wednesday, September 21st, Elise said

paramour in the house?

Uh, no, that line about stuff "going on upstairs" wasn't a euphemism, I was actually referring to activity in my brain! (so that would make it what? a metaphor?) Speaking of which, am I too cerebral?

I find it facinating how we (as people) always want things more that we can't have (in this case the potentially steamy secret details of my private life).

too bad sucka!

on Wednesday, September 21st, RR said

If I owned a dobro, think I'd be looking for a one-to-one from
Mark Knopfler. *steamy fantasy from RR's life appears* :rolleyes:

on Wednesday, September 21st, Elise said

Oh wow RR, wouldn't that be amazing!

Mark Knopfler is the best! (well, maybe not the best at dobro but...) I was a huge Dire Straits fan back in the day, and I've loved a lot of his solo work too.

Thanks for the reminder!

on Wednesday, September 21st, mick said

Despite the fact that I became a Grandpa today you have made me feel so much younger. Dire Straits is permanently installed in my 3.9 litre Landrover - and not because I cant get the disk out LOL
Excuse me while I hum a little bit from Romeo and Juliet.

on Wednesday, September 21st, Elise said

congrats on becoming a grandpa! You know, the album cover (using the word "album" shows *my* age) for Brother's in Arms has a flying resophonic resonator guitar on it.

I've seen that picture so many times and it has only just registered with me.