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11/03/2005: "The color of snow"

Yesterday I tried to find a box to ship my big painting and I happened to drive past the Rie Munoz gallery. Since they do high volume work I stopped to see if they could give me any advice. I met Rie’s son, who took me back where he does all of the packaging and shipping. It was an incredibly efficient set up. He showed me how he packages Rie’s art and gave me the names of the businesses he orders from. It was inspirational to see a real pro at work.

Another artist I know is opening a new gallery downtown called "Two Crows" where he intends to display other artists work. I actually bought one of his paintings at his last opening called Ice Map which I love. We're close to the same age; he's probably younger actually, so while I'm excited about the new space it kind of makes me feel like an underachiever.

Now I'm considering hiring an art consultant again…to jump start my “career”. Its $150 but I think it might be just what I need to come up with some individualized strategies for how to get my work out to people who might want to buy it. I sent out emails to a couple of his clients to see if they thought it was worth it, depending on what I hear back I'll probably go for it. You need to spend money to make money right?

Anyway, I met a friend for lunch today, she’s also doing the NaNoWriMo and we talked about our story ideas. Her idea (I wish I'd thought of it first!) reminded me about a story I wrote in Jr. High. I think the plot was interesting and I'm almost thinking of changing directions with my current novel. Maybe incorporate the other story into my new one (so I don't have to start over)...lazy much?

BTW, we're currently having our first snow... I love love love love love the snow! The color of everything changes, the light is totally different...and it makes me feel different. Better!

Replies: 4 Comments

on Thursday, November 3rd, ann said

Yay for the snow! :D

on Thursday, November 3rd, Elise said

Yay for the snow! :laugh:

on Thursday, November 3rd, Rod said

I have an idea, why not include the challenge of the project and the artists voice into the novel and the minutae of your attempts to complete it? That would add a lot of words! :P

And speaking of making money, I thought you were going to make reproductions of The Pumphouse to sell? I really think you can make a ton of money off that one. If not, I'll send you a check so I can get that painting! I think about it everyday, I even cleared a spot on my wall for it.

on Thursday, November 3rd, Elise said

So Rod, it's November already. Are you still planning to come stay with me?

As for the pumphouse painting, I am going to get prints made, I'm just avoiding going into the print shop because the last time I was there I borrowed a cardboard carrying thing I told the guy I'd bring right back and I never did. Just trying to build up the nerve.

If you come to Juneau maybe you can drop it off for me?