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11/19/2005: "Oh, darling, make it go, make it go away!"

Tonight I did SIX new paintings, a record for me. Of course I'm working smaller now so they only range from 8x10 to 16x20. I decided to do a series based on the photos I took this summer of the wetlands, with all the different lines of color; only one has a simple figure in it.

The new studio lamp is amazing btw, I can see so much better. Also, I've started using this product called EZ Air Invisible Care. It's like a lotion only it protects your skin and pores from absorbing paint if you get it on you. Plus, it makes washing oil paint off your hands a lot easier.

Yesterday I went to the Dick Blick website and filled my cart with about a thousand dollars worth of materials but I never ordered them. I do this a lot, go and pick out everything my heart desires but usually I just delete them or move them to my "wish list".

But after tonight I realize how much I love working smaller so tomorrow I'm going to buy a bunch more panels while they're on sale, I think the 8x10s are my favorite.

In other news, it has been raining *hard* for days now with lots of wind. It's very noisy, hitting against the windows and keeping me awake. At work this afternoon the sound of the rain pounding on the sky lights nearly drove me to tears.

decayed-leaf (65k image)

I took this photo today, the imprint of a leaf I watched decay away over the course of several months. Now this is all that remains.

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on Saturday, November 19th, subi said

Wow! that would make a great minature, or at least I think! Good for you for being so damn productive!

on Saturday, November 19th, RR said

The leaf print would make a fantastic painting if you could get the textrures right and you really have been working hard (six paintings!) - whatever you're on, can I have some of it? :hehe:

on Saturday, November 19th, Elise said

I'm happy you guys like the actually reminded me a little of something that Marja-Leena Rathje would do in printmaking, I'm afraid as far as me turning it into a painting goes, my pallet is kindof wrong for it. Though I *have* said that I'd experiment more with different colors and stuff, I can't seem to get away from the bright colors...although, a few that I did last night are lighter tones than I normally paint.

And RR, as far as what I'm on...I honestly believe it has something to do with buying all the smaller sized panels. I mean, I have stacks of them. There is no sense of risk involved in just painting...the panels only cost a buck or two, so if something sucks there's no financial loss. I think it helped me get over some of my painting hang-ups.

on Saturday, November 19th, ann said

The photo is amazing

on Saturday, November 19th, Elise said

Thanks Ann, you probably walk by it all the time, if you come into the Egan Wing through the entry by the bus stop, there are quite a few similar imprints in the cement.

on Saturday, November 19th, subi said

well, even if you don't want to paint it, perhaps you'll do some kind of mixed media with photos as well, or, photos on their own.

on Sunday, November 20th, Rod said

I agree with Subi. I think your photos are very much worth merit on their own, they're really good! From what I gather you're used to taking photos then painting from them as inspiration, but maybe you should look at them as complete works of art. Think of how many great artists have used the camera as a medium. You definitely have the talent, it's one of many, but for the record doing dishes isn't one of them. :P

P.S. I just finished watching 'Hedwig and the angry inch', and now I feel like dancing!

on Sunday, November 20th, Elise said

I may have an eye for interesting subject matter or compositions, but I don't have the technical skills of a photographer.

My images look fine on a 72dpi computer monitor but they'd never make compelling prints.

I have considered doing something in the way of digitally manipulated photography for an exhibit one day...who knows?

And Hedwig eh? I remember the first time I watch that movie I rented it from NetFlick and loved the music etc. so much that I watched it around 15 times in a row before I mailed it back.

If you feel like dancing...go for it. BTW, do you realize today (technically speaking today) is the 20th...? David W was supposed to call me from Maine for a big gab fest today as well.

If I only do one call it will be you though, as you've been on the books much longer.
oh, and don't mock my lack of dishwashing skills!
:angry: :( :plain: :rolleyes:

on Sunday, November 20th, subi said

tho, if truth be told, i admit to my poor (yet consistent) dishwashing skills...but doing the dishes itself should be applauded, right?:P

omg, rod agreed with me! :D

on Sunday, November 20th, Elise said

You bet I'd be applauding...if someone else did my dishes for me! Any takers?

on Monday, November 21st, holly said

It is a well-known quirk of mine that when I go to someone's house for any length of time (like for a holiday or for dinner, etc) I do their dishes. I love doing other people's dishes. Haven't I told you this before? People always end up chatting in the kitchen anyway, and I always gravitate to the sink and before I realize it, I've got everything out of the sink and sitting to the side, ready for a good scrubbing. I guess that's kind of strange. But I've never had anyone complain yet!

on Monday, November 21st, Elise said

You've never mentioned that before but there's no way I'd complain if you started doing my dishes.

In fact, my friend Maren does my dishes when she comes over...against my (weak) protestations. I feel guilty but secretly I *love* it. I don't know why I have such an aversion to doing dishes.

Growing up we could pick our chore to do, we usually got assigned something for the whole week. Choices were:
Kitchen (including the dishes),
vacuuming and straightening up the bathrooms and living room etc.,
and cooking the meals.

I loved doing yardwork or cooking or vacuuming, I could tolerate doing laundry, and when I had to clean the kitchen it was TERRIBLE. We had a large family and kids coming over to the house and snacking all the time and it just seemed so overwhelming.

I guess I never got over it, even though now I only have a few things to wash.

Anyway, if you're ever in Juneau feel free to come over *anytime*.