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03/24/2006: "Friday Photoblogging"

Yesterday morning I stopped several times on the way to work to snap a few shots. The first photo was taken near the wetlands. When the tempatures rise quickly, fog rises off the water in the channel creating what looks like very low lying clouds.

channel-fog (40k image)

Next I stopped for gas at DeHarts, which is the gas station near the Auke Bay Marina. I come here a lot because it's only a block away from the University (i.e. within coasting distance) and over looks Auke Bay.

deharts (65k image)

These next two photos are shots I took while my gas was pumping. This is also where I go sailing a lot during the summer on the High Noon. During the summer I like to walk around this marina on my lunch breaks and see where all the boats in the temporary moorage are from.

auke-bay (59k image)

Watching the fisherman taking off from the dock made me wish I could be out there as well, instead of on my way to work.

fishing-auke-bay-alaska (61k image)

Replies: 17 Comments

on Friday, March 24th, marja-leena said

Gorgeous photos, Elise, and look at the sunshine! This looks so similar to the Vancouver area that it's hard to believe you are in Alaska. The coastal areas are mild there too, aren't they?

on Friday, March 24th, Elise said

Yes, I think the weather must be very similar. I think our average temps in the winter are in the 30s. This winter we had a couple bouts of really cold windy weather but for the most part it was almost too mild.

The ski resort didn't open until Feb. because of lack of snow.

And yes, there has been sunshine! That makes everything seem better. How has the weather been in Vancouver this winter?

on Friday, March 24th, Kasia said

I wanna live in Alaska!!!! :crazy:
It is almost impossible that this beautiful place is REAL. Is it??? :)

on Friday, March 24th, Elise said

It's real alright Kasia, but keep in mind that I am taking photos of all of the picturesque areas where I live.

There are other areas that are just as common and uninteresting as anywhere else, for example the Lemon Creek Trailor Park (no offense to anyone who lives there!), The empty K-Mart building and lot (they went out of business here...YEAH!), there is a big pile of rusty metal that I have to see everyday on the way into work, left over from some industrial get the picture.

I can admit that even the ugly stuff is surrounded by beautiful stuff so I guess it all cancels each other out.

on Friday, March 24th, Dio said

To truly appreciate the one, you must have the other. Or not - depends on how much of an eyesore it is. Looks lovely though, nice shots. :)

on Friday, March 24th, Elise said

Hey Dio, I agree, if everything around you was gorgeous all the time you wouldn't appreciate it as much.

When I lived in Hawaii everyday was sunny and beautiful and I grew to take it for granted. I never take a sunny day in Juneau for granted.

on Friday, March 24th, Brian said

Excellent photos Elise. Live crab at DeHart's - woo hoo!

And what's wrong with Lemon Creek? Who wouldn't want to live next to a prison?

Don't cheer too loudly about KMart's demise - WalMart is moving in soon.

on Friday, March 24th, Elise said

I heard that about WalMart too; it isn't a done deal is it?


on Friday, March 24th, ann said

Gorgeous photos.

Oh, and I think Wal-mart is a done deal. At least, that was the last I heard.

on Friday, March 24th, Rod said

Thanks for the cheerful images, I can't wait to get back to Anchorage and this year I will make it to Juneau! My AK Airlines voucher expires in June so I hope you'll be there, otherwise I'll sleep in the streets. ;)

on Friday, March 24th, Elise said

Well, you better get here before June 2nd cuz I'm going to Hawaii!

Don't worry, I'll leave a key for you under the door matt!

Oh, and thanks for the depressing reality of Mal-mart Ann
Are you feeling better at least?

on Saturday, March 25th, RR said

These photos make me want to get out to the coast. Wish my views on the way to work were so great. It looks beautiful - fantastic photos. I wanna come and see Alaska!

on Saturday, March 25th, Elise said

Hi RR, how much holiday leave do you get with your new job? A nice way to see Alaska (this part anyway) is a cruise of the Inside Passage...your ship would come through Juneau and we could meet and everything!

But if you're ever in Juneau just flying in or whatever, you can stay in my guestroom.

Juneau can be amazing when the weather is good but I'm afraid it would be too much like home when the weather is typical (rainging) and foggy etc.

The fog is especially annoying, because you wouldn't be able to see how beautiful everything is!

on Tuesday, March 28th, RR said

Thanks for the offere Elise. I get about 30 days a year plus 9 closure days so pretty good although they can't come too soon. Off to Skye in a couple of weeks to get some clean air. Hope to take three weeks in the summer but haven't booked anything yet so who knows....if I get near I'll look you up. :)

on Tuesday, March 28th, Elise said

It seems you get a lot of holiday time. Lucky you, and from the photos I've seen of Skye, it should be fantastic!

on Tuesday, March 28th, berry bowman connell said

Yeah. It IS beautiful! And scary! You had written before about having bought yer friends' boat, and while that is just so cool! I am absolutely terrified of being in water that's over m'head. Heck, I don't even go out onto beaches without keeping a sharp eye out on the horizon.

Yeah, it was a combination of the two things...
#1 Steven Spielberg. A truly gifted director.
#2 the special on orcas on PBS.

Hey. I'm a painter, not a brave heart!

on Thursday, April 6th, Elise said

So, you're afraid of the water? I used to be (also the jaws thing) but I got over it. Not sure how, just one day realized I wasn't.

When I lived in Hawaii I got stung by something similar to a box jellyfish and had a terrible reaction to it, really terrifying actually...and on another occasion was swimming only a few feet away from a huge hammerhead shark, and still I love to go in the water!