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04/18/2006: "Drunken stumble around downtown Juneau"

This afternoon I went to the memorial service of a friend who died recently and then to the reception afterwards. It was a mix of crying and laughing and drinking etc. All very draining though. Afterwards I realized I'd had too much to drink and so I got a cup of coffee and walked around downtown and took some snap shots to sober up (don't drink and drive kids!).

The first one is of my friends Patrick and Marna, who were also at the memorial service/reception. The rest are from about a 4-5 block radius. I walked along the board walk, it always makes me feel nostalgic, I'm not even sure what for. The building with the sign "Paradise Cafe" is the one that has the Two Crow gallery on the second floor, where I'll have my opening next Month (the sidewalk sign for the gallery isn't up in this shot)...anyway, it was getting a bit dark (8:00pm) but you can get an idea of what it looks like here.

pat-marna-juneua-alaska (99k image)

juneau-alaska-downtown-rainy (129k image)

warf-juneau-alaska (97k image)

juneau-alaska-boardwalk-marine-park (105k image)

juneau-alaska-downtown (85k image)

two-crow-gallery-juneau-alaska (103k image)

downtown-juneau-franklin-street-twilight (65k image)

franklin-street-juneau-alaska (72k image)

downtown-juneau-alaska (98k image)

Replies: 6 Comments

on Wednesday, April 19th, Daniel said

Although I enjoy my current homes in Santa Fe and Montana... I am envious of your hideaway lifestyle in Juneau. How hard is it to find good life models, up there? (Always the most important question when an artist considers a new location).

on Wednesday, April 19th, Elise said

Good question Daniel, I think there are plenty of great life models here...a real variety. I had two friends willing to pose for me a few weeks back and they did a very professional job, but there are classes at the university that draw from a regular pool of models, and art groups that get together and go in on models from time to, that's never been an issue. For me the only issue (as with most things in my life) is $$$. That's why friends ROCK!

on Wednesday, April 19th, marja-leena said

Lovely setting and town! I think I could like it there because, like Vancouver, it has the mountains and the sea. Smaller cities or towns appeal after living in northern BC for a few years.

on Wednesday, April 19th, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena! I like to think of Juneau as a mini-Vancouver or San Francisco (really really mini).

There are things about living in a city that I really miss though.

on Wednesday, April 19th, Brian said

Modeling was fun. It was nice to receive pizza and a print in compensation, but I would have done it for free. I can't wait to see how you transform those photos into paintings.

on Wednesday, April 19th, Elise said

None of the images I shot of you and A will be in this coming May show, but I'm already working on several thumb nails for my next series where I'll use many of them.