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04/26/2006: "You Won't See me Crying (drunk maybe, but not crying) ok, maybe crying too but come on, can ya blame me?"

So, I wasn’t that stressed out about my upcoming show, until today. Today I’m full-throttle panicking. It could be because I sent out my email invites and I’ve had 24 RSVPs so far and only one “see you there” and one maybe. Not good. It’s incredible to me that I can feel complete confidence one minute and then have it plummet in the blink of an eye; about the same speed at which I can destroy a perfectly good painting by trying to “fix it”, especially when I am running out of time right before a show and I no longer have the time to let it dry and give it another go. Yes, I think I see some acrylic paints in my future!

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on Wednesday, April 26th, Rob Roys said

if things go bad we can steal a placenta from a friend of mine. we'll fry it up with onions, capers, and red wine reduction sauce. i have a nice chianti and know a good fava bean recipe.

do not worry you silly thing! it is 1st Friday. gobs of people will be milling about.

on Wednesday, April 26th, Brian said

I'll be there.

on Wednesday, April 26th, Elise said

Wow Rob, sounds tasty, we'll have to see if Tom Cruise can swing by...

And Brian...YEAH! I think I may have told you already that the "pre-show" is not going to happen so I'm really glad you can make it Friday night. I'm up to 3 confirmed attendees.


on Wednesday, April 26th, Rob Roys said

The placenta I have in mind is fresher-from yesterday. I hear they are best when then is still amnionic fluid still oozing. hmmmm I can smell the sizzle now!

I will be there after 6.30. So there.

on Wednesday, April 26th, Elise said

Congrats to your friend Rob! (but I'm really getting grossed now!)
(damn, there's no emoticon for yaking)

on Wednesday, April 26th, Jackie said

E: Yaakkk!! :(>>
Perhaps someone can create an emoticon that's yakking!
I'm sure tons of people will show up! You little worry-wort, you! When is the opening?

on Wednesday, April 26th, Elise said

Yes Jackie, don't you love the high brow conversations we get into on my blog!
The opening is for May's First Friday (May 5th, or, Cinco de Mayo). I'm sure some people will come because Rob's gallery though new, has a good reputation and brings people in even if the people on my list aren't able to attend...I have to learn to not worry so much, it really is counterproductive.

Now I'll have to make emoticons for yaking and for needless worrying.

on Wednesday, April 26th, Howard said

Take some pictures of your openning for all of us who'll have to attend vicariously. :hehe:

on Wednesday, April 26th, Elise said

I always forget to take photos at my openings...I'll try to remember this time.

My friend Rod who lives in Arizona now wanted to come to one of my parties so we had this idea to set up my computer monitor on the same table with the booze and set up a web cam and he could chat with my party guests as they came by to get drinks. Wish I could get something like that set up for my shows!

Anyway, it's not until *next* Friday night so you'll all have to put up with my neurosis for a few days longer!

on Wednesday, April 26th, ann said

Ack! I didn't know I was supposed to rsvp... I didn't see that in the email. But I WILL be there, and I'm sure a LOT of other people will be there, too. Juneauites aren't great rsvp'ers but many of them are great supporters of you.

on Wednesday, April 26th, Elise said

Good point Ann! Maybe I'm only hearing from the people who *can't* come...that possibility makes me feel better.

on Wednesday, April 26th, ann said

Ok, I just looked at the email again. Nary a peep about rsvp'ing. So, it's only natural that people who cannot make it are letting you know that... and people who can are figuring that they will see you there (but not emailing to say that).

I predict it's going to be crowded, actually. Wanna bet a $1? :)

on Wednesday, April 26th, Elise said

I wish that I had a dollar to bet with, would you spot me it?

btw, since the show goes until 8, Jen B was going to wait until a quarter to 8 to come so that we could go out for a drink afterwards...would you and yours be interested?

on Wednesday, April 26th, holly said

I know it doesn't help fill the space, but I would totally be there if I could! I would love to see all your paintings in the flesh, as it were, and be surrounded by all your wonderful colors. I hope you sell everything. Except that kitty picture... :D

on Wednesday, April 26th, Elise said

You could send me a life sized high resolution image and I could have you made into a card-board cut out. Put a little tape recorder on a loop behind your mouth and have you saying things like "this woman is an absolutely genius" "wow, her prices are such a bargain" and the like!

Anyway, thanks...wish you could be here too but it probably won't be too bad, as the gallery is small. Some are so big that unless you have 75 people it looks empty, but this one is nice an intimate.

now how about that photo?

on Thursday, April 27th, greg said

Will there be "braaii-iinnnsss?" :D

Ya know being a little weepy might be good for sales.(?) Think of it as being the "sensitive artist." Wear all black too, and you'll become the dark weepy darling of the Art whirrled! ;)

on Thursday, April 27th, Elise said

Hi Greg, I guess there is a fine line between "sensitive artist" and "mentally disturbed".
Oh, and no braaaaiiins.

on Thursday, April 27th, Jackie said

E: LOL! I have this mental picture of your opening night reception: all of your blogger-friends are their (well, their life-sized cardboard cutouts, ala Holly are there), each spouting some inane comments or mad cackling in endless-loop playback, with Rod on the web-cam watching everyone fill and re-fill their wine goblets...
I think you should serve ya think they make zombie-themed gummy candies? They mold pretty much every other shape into the gummies...worms, spiders, rats, bears (of course), fish (natch)...wait! I think I have seen a gummie brain!
Now, there's a new project for me! :laugh:

on Thursday, April 27th, Elise said

The opening you envision for me sounds far more interesting than is likely to happen!
A guy here has a beautiful brain jello mold, he makes this grey mold for halloween every year, it's part jello and part pudding, it actually tastes good but it looks disgusting.

on Sunday, April 30th,">Jackie said

Oh of my co-workers (our database programmer) has a brain jello mold. She brings dessert for our Halloween party every year! She throws in a bunch of gummy worms into the Jello - so it looks extra-jummy! :laugh:

on Sunday, April 30th, Jackie said

Yummy, that is. Sheesh!

on Sunday, April 30th, Elise said

I think I prefer jummy!

But gummy worms? That's an excellent idea. We always have a digusting food buffet for halloween (for the students) where I work. One co-worker brings cat litter cake! She crumbles up white and green cake into a (new) litterbox, and then adds tootsie rolls and serves it with a (new) kitty litter scoop. It's pretty funny, and looks real!