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05/25/2006: "Pimp your face"

So, I've volunteered to work at our university's Community Day Sat. afternoon doing...face painting! I've practiced a few times on myself (see below) but I have no idea if I'll be any good doing little kids. I'm going to set up a table with a big sign and balloons next to the marine petting zoo. I'm only giving them their choice of sea creature (whale, dolphin, crab, starfish, jellyfish, mermaid, etc.)

Also, I know I should probably start a second blog to write about my sailing adventures because a few readers have told me they find them "boring" but I can't help it, I LOVE to sail. Last night I went out with M and K as part of the Wednesday night racing series and it was perfect. Sunny skies, lots of strong wind, there were 7 boats out there and everyone went out to the Douglas Island Pub afterwards for beer and pizza and the requisite race related trash talking.

Tonight I'm going to Juneau Jazz and Classic's Puttin' on the Ritz which is going to be really hoity toity, then Friday night I'm helping sail the High Noon from Fisherman's Bend to the Douglas Harbor. Then Sat. face painting, sunday work, and Monday I'll have the day off and plan to meet for coffee with that naturalist I mentioned eariler. Seems like a really interesting character...should be fun.

So, when do I plan to actually get any painting in? Good question!

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on Thursday, May 25th, ann said

Gorgeous face painting! My only advice is that you might not have time to be so detailed on skirmy little kids, especially if you have a long line.

And it's your blog, so write about sailing if you want to. It's part of who you are.

on Thursday, May 25th, greg said

Nice! I hope you walked around town for a bit, wearing your latest works! :D

Tales of the high seas (or breezy harbors) are fine with me, as long as you include photos!
(did you ever consider that you are of ideal sailor stature?)

on Thursday, May 25th, Elise said

I should have clarified that the practice was from last year when a reader sent me a face painting kit (including a book of designs, mirror, brushes and sponges, paints the whole nine yards!)...

I plan to only do cheek painting on the kids, simple designs. I thought I'd have time to practice on my hand but I just got home from the jazz wine tasting thing and tomorrow after work I'll be sailing until late so...I guess I'll just have to wing it.

on Thursday, May 25th, Elise said

Oh, and greg, what do you mean by "ideal sailor stature" or do I want to know?

on Friday, May 26th, Kasia said

Sailing sounds so nice. I've never really sailed in my life. I think i could like it. :)
BTW - the photos are great.

on Friday, May 26th, Elise said

I know you would love sailing Kasia, it's so quiet and peaceful and yet you can get going really fast, plus it's just beautiful to be out on the water on a sunny afternoon. Are there any places to learn to sail near your town?

on Friday, May 26th, Kasia said

Well not exactly near my town. my parents have a plot of land at the lake but there is a sailing boat missing:) And no one knows (in my family ) how to sail. :)

on Friday, May 26th, Kasia said

Plus there are no sailing schools:(

on Friday, May 26th, Elise said

It's pretty easy to learn, when you live by the water there are usually sailing clubs or places where you can sign up to crew on other people's boats until you decide whether or not you like it enough to buy one of your own.

Maybe you can put an add in your local paper to see if anyone needs crew, just be sure to bring your boyfriend in case they turn out to be a perv or serial killer!

on Saturday, May 27th, holly said

Nice face painting!!!

Elise, come and get me. I hate it here and have been sick since about the third day I've been here. The only things I've been able to eat are carrots, bananas, almonds, and pretzels. I think by next Friday I'll be in a place with regular internet access and hopefully a better outlook. Sorry to highjack your blog...

on Saturday, May 27th, greg said

Mon Dieu! Did Holly accidently get off the plane in Canada? ;) I hope she hangs in there!

Elise - It occured to me that despite your misgivings about your height, it's actually ideal when it comes to sailing ... with low ceilings, tight quarters and lower weight centers. ya think?

on Saturday, May 27th, Elise said

Oh Holly! I'm so sad that you still hate it there. Where are ya and I'll come swing by and pick you up!

I really thought that you would be loving it by now. How much longer will you be there? Give me your address and I'll mail you food, let me know what you like.

And Greg, that actually makes sense. I do have a low center of gravity and can stand up in some cabins where everyone else has to hunch over.

on Saturday, June 10th,">Miss You said

What a beautiful photo of you Elise.