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07/15/2006: "You ought to be in pictures..."

Today I had a meeting downtown and then walked around and checked out some of the shows I missed for the last art walk. I met Jim Voelkers (painter Paul Voelkers son) a young enthusiastic guy with some great work; "Blue Clay Studio" is right across from the Ruby Room gallery, which seems to be closed for the summer...if you're in Juneau you should check it out.

I also went and saw Rob's show at Annie Kales which looked impressive (as always), too bad I'm broke (as always)... I also stopped at the Gallery of the North to see if I could get records of who bought two of my paintings; they're looking it up for me. Anyway, seeing art always puts me in the mood to work. A friend stopped by and we watched the new Pride and Prejudice this afternoon and afterwards I started on a few new paintings.

The movie actually has wonderful lighting. One painting is a scene inspired by the lighting..if you pay attention you'll see a lot of scenes with a persons face with blue lighting on one side and orange/reds on the other. I always wonder if it's some sort of copyright infridgement to paint scenes from movies? Does anyone know? I know about the "Rights of Personality" regarding celebrities but I'm not sure how that works, copyright law is so confusing.

Oh, and my appologies to Rod (et. al.) for not answering my phone today (big shock); I had the ringer turned off so I could concentrate. Speaking of which, Rod has a ticket to come see me in August...don't worry, I'm very excited to see you!!! I only hope you won't be disappointed in Juneau.

OK, so, back to work I go. There may be some new images to post shortly.

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on Sunday, July 16th, Kasia said

Can't wait for the images:)
And you are right about the movie - the lighting is incredible. I noticed that,too. It makes me feel calm.

on Sunday, July 16th, Rod said

Oh goody! I'm glad you responded as I was getting nervous as to if you would want me as a guest for a mere 44 hours. BTW,I want to see EEVEERYTHIIINNG!!
Art shows, sailing, hiking, pubs, restaurants, friends, work, coffee, pizza, library, cats, Blade Runner, Untill the end of the world, Wallace&Grommit, I want to laugh and drink wine and listen to music and stay up all night talking and wearing silly hats! Then we can figure out what to do for the other 40 hours I'll be there. :D Do you really think I'll be disappointed in Juneau? the high temp in Tucson today was 111 fahrenheit! :cry:
Trust me, I can't wait to get one of the few parts of Alaska I haven't been to yet.
Let's talk and make some plans!

on Sunday, July 16th, berry bowman connell said

Y'know, I'm so new to the bloggin and all
I suspect y'could call me a kid....please do.
But, since getting help from a couple of great gals, I've been discovering things
that don't neccessarily
agree with yer statement in the priorpost.

OK, stop talking and explain...

Walking on Alligators, a book by Susan Shaughnessy can
be found by typing in those words in a google search
engine. So will my blog appear, also, only
depending on the words I use and
whatever the subject
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So, whatever ranking you think
you have gained
is not due to length
so much as
subject matter
and, I'm not sure yet
how to describe this next,
but, sis did mention
its importance,
key words.

On the other hand, your site has always impressed me, and, as you may have noted, given me something with which to
also create with, sort'a
plug in my own personality.
Actually, and be truthful, now.
Isn't a short line easier
to read than some of
those that go all the way
across the page? Not that that is such a bad thing, only, I'm old, and by the time I've gotten all the way across the page, I'm tired and want to take a rest.


Anyway, if ya go to another site, it should be at a time
you have plenty of time, because
yopu'll probably have to be running both
for a while, or just
until ya get used to the new one, and
believe me on this, not all
sites are easy!

on Sunday, July 16th,">willow said

Hi Elise!

Just wondering, if I wanted to send you an email to ask you about something, what is the best addy to use? I sort of have a career/creative question for you. Thanks!

on Sunday, July 16th, Elise said

Hey Kasia, calm is a good word for their use of lighting...and imaginative. There is this scene that starts with just orange and yellow flashes and then you see her lying in the back of a carriage with her eyes closed and the sun hitting her face through the tree leaves and I thought, YES! That's just what it looks like, sun through closed eyes.

And Rod, od course I'm exicted to see you, I just hope that day isn't during Faculty Convocation, the two days of the year I absolutely have to be at work by contract...I'll look into that, otherwise I'll take some time off.

And Berry, I've studied the algorithems search engines use to determine how high a page ranks, I've looked into sites that show key word popularity in searches in various search engines, and the way that a database driven site is index can be different than one which generates individual static html pages....which would affect my entire website's rank.

Of course there are a whole host of many sites are linking to me, what the keywords are in those sites, how popular they are, and things like how burried in sub directories my keywords are, and how often the content is updated etc.

It's actually pretty complicated, and as search engines constantly re-index web pages your rank can change but my site's ranking has been fairly consistent for the past three years, that's why I don't want to necessarily try something new.

Does that make sense?

And Willow, my addy"> is a good one to use. hope all is well with you!