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12/15/2006: "Northern Lights"

Maren and I went skiing after work again last night and the Northern Lights were out. It was a really beautiful night, we came to a clearing and we could see them dancing over the Mendenhall Glacier. There was a beautiful photo of them in today's Juneau Empire, as well as this one though the lights we saw last night weren't quite as impressive.

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on Friday, December 15th, holly said

Gorgeous! Lucky you! I've wanted to see these since I was a wee thing. Maybe someday, before I die...

on Saturday, December 16th, RR said

Absolutely fantastic. We get the Northern Lights in Scotland too but I've never seen them either. Would dearly love to. Maybe a trip to Alaska would guarantee it - they're difficult to see here.

on Saturday, December 16th, pereiradasilva said

Superb article and great insights into gifted artist. Thanks for sharing and creating such a wonderful piece. :O

on Sunday, December 17th, Judy Vars said

Oh how utterly beautiful.
Merry Christmas Elise

on Sunday, December 17th, Elise said

Hi Holly, if you *ever* want to come to Alaska before you die, just let me know! That goes for you too RR! As for seeing the Northern Lights, coming here is no guarantee...I mean, we have a lot of overcast days and also, they aren't out all the time, though you can find out forecasts for when they are likely to be out.

They really are an amazing site to see in person.

And not sure what you're talking about pereiradasilva (probably spam but) thanks!

And Hi Judy! Have the lights been out much up your way?

on Monday, December 18th, Kasia said

All I can say about the northern lights is WOW. I've never seen them myself and I am really wondering if they exist. They are so great that maybe you are all lying!! :D

on Monday, December 18th, Elise said

They are real Kasia, and very magical. Hopefully you'll be able to see them in person one day!

on Tuesday, December 19th, greg said

yeeah wow! ...on my list too!! gotta see them!

I hear as the magnetic north pole contines to creep south into canada, anyone in the northern 48 states will be seeing them soon enough! :O

on Wednesday, December 20th, Elise said

Hi Greg!
Hey, did you see that Nova special on the possibility of the magnetic poles switching sides?