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07/11/2007: "Beautiful"

A couple nights ago there was the most amazing sunset. It kept changing color and intensity and lasted for the longest time.

The first shot I took out my livingroom window. Then I ran down a block to the beach to shoot the second one. Click on either one to go to wallpaper sized versions that look even cooler!

beautiful-alaskan-sunset-juneau-alaska2 (69k image)

beautiful-alaskan-sunset-juneau-alaska (85k image)

So, last night I had another life drawing session down at Rob Roy's studio. He set up for the two of us to share models and so far it's been really nice. I was going to post a couple of the drawings I did but I left my sketch pad at his studio.

Rob: "Elise, you only have 6 weeks to do an entire show's worth of oil paintings? If I were you I'd be *freaking* out! That's finishing more than one painting a week!"

Elise: "I know, I'm really running out of time but I'm pretty sure I can do this!"


This is Jack's bile filled panic attack

Oh, but then I talked to my dad tonight (hi dad!) and that always makes me feel better.

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on Thursday, July 12th,">Rob Roys said


I am Jack's nattering nabob...

on Thursday, July 12th, Rob Roys said

It is actually 8.14 weeks to opening-I said you should have them in frames in six weeks. I will keep you posted as the days tick off-you seem to do better when you have pressure.

on Thursday, July 12th, Elise said

Well, OK Rob... 8.14 is better than 6 but still!!!!

Normally I'd be working on invitations and stuff by this time.


on Thursday, July 12th, Gallery of Art said

nattering nabob

on Thursday, July 12th, Art Gallery said

nattering nabob ations and s

on Friday, July 13th, Kasia said

:) Guess what's on my desktop now. :)
And don't worry - you will finish your paintings.

on Friday, July 13th, willow said

Hi Elise!
Those are great pics of that amazing sunset! I sent you a gmail yesterday so keep your eye out for it!


on Friday, July 13th, dad said

I'm courious about the second pic as I remember there isn't any small crick? near your house except the chanel an we know that's somewhat larger

on Friday, July 13th, dad said

Sorry I took a nother look and that is the chanel the sun reflection narrowed it up a bit :crazy:

on Friday, July 13th, Elise said

Thanks Kasia, I'm sure I will, I have all weekend to paint and I'm really looking forward to it.

And Willow, glad you like the photos.

And hi was great talking to you the other night!!!

on Friday, July 13th, berry connell said

As unbelievable as this may sound, I photographed the same sunset.
Thing is, I was on the remote phone, ran outside, and didn't pay real close attention, and actually recorded a few seconds on the "movie" recorder.
Dang! That darned modern technology stuff!

Anyway, it WAS cool!
Your view was quite a bit better than mine, however, due to me having to stay close to the house (else lose the phone connection)

As fer ona a week....
Just because he ended up being famous doesn't mean folks like you and me can't do it...
Vincent was knocking off a painting every day!

Just don't think so much about what you can't do and concentrate on what you can do and painting a painting in a day ain't that tough!

on Friday, July 13th,">RR said

Wow, that is a fantastic sunset. Glad to hear you are painting again - hope the run up to the show goes well.

on Saturday, July 14th, Dorothea said

That was a stupendously gorgeous sunset and very nice photographs of it!!! Thank you for sharing them. Looking forward to seeing the new paintings! :D

on Monday, July 16th, Elise said

Bummer about the camera Berry...maybe you can get stills from it?

And Hi RR! How's the new My Space site going? It was cool getting to see the *real* you!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the photos Dorothea!...I will post some of the new paintings once I get my confidence up a bit more. And thanks to the link on your friend's Flickr account...that was helpful.

on Sunday, July 29th, Ishmael said

Wow, I've tried my whole life for a sunset picture like that. Thanks for sharing.

on Tuesday, July 31st, Dorothea said

Just looking back at this photo again - it is quite surreal! You may have already visited her site sometime, but Jill Homer saw the same sunset,, and then recorded this sunset a couple of days ago. Ephemeral fire in the sky...