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08/31/2007: "It's the Final Countdown"

Well, there are only 6 days left until I hang the show and last night I was still painting! IN OILS!

I feel relieved that two of the three images I posted on this blog (for the show) have already sold. I've decided to go ahead and display them anyway and give the gallery their cut.

Thanks to Rob Roys for making my flyers for me, they look great! I'm not going to send out paper invitations this year, only e-vite ones to save money and because I'm out of time.

As always, I wish I had more time. The pieces are finally starting to look finished but I can't help feeling that if I had another few weeks they'd look GREAT. Oh well, my next show isn't until next July and I am making a promise to myself (and to Aaron) that I won't wait until the last minute to get started this time.

I have to say that I've enjoyed working small though when I see all 12 pieces, finished and on the wall salon style (like they'll be in the gallery) they don't seem as impressive...I think just because of their size.

My next show is at a Gallery called The Canvas and it's a HUGE space, so I'm planning to go crazy and work really big even though it means the pieces won't sell (cuz hey, who has the room?)...but it will be fun to experiment size-wise.

I still have to sign all the pieces, it's weird because the pieces are small and i almost feel like the signatures will ruin the composition (I can only paint so small). I also need to title them (AAAARGGGGH!) and price them (DOUBLE AAAARRRGH!) and figure out how I want to hang them etc. Oh, and frame them! I still have to pick up the flyers from the printers and hang them up around town too...I hate that part.

But really, I'm not as nervous about this opening as I have been about others in the past. I feel less pressure on myself, personally, because there is another guest artist this month as well and because the gallery is more of a gift store, in that it has a lot of other artists work in it as well as ceramics and jewlery and it's not like I'm used to...a whole big space of just my work and everyone there to see it exclusively.

So, i hope it goes well but because two pieces have already sold, I can already consider it a kind of success even if nothing else sells. And, ultimatlely I feel pretty happy with how things turned out and that's the important thing.

Aaron has been wonderful, putting up with cranky artist Elise and also giving helpful feedback on problem areas. I promise to post some "finished" photos of the other pieces soon, photographing the work is something else I've yet to do.

Ah well, it will get done. It always does. And the good thing about displaying in a gallery that takes a 40% commission is that I don't have to worry about providing wine or food. Yeah!

Wish me luck!

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on Friday, August 31st,">dad said

:( which two sold I know rr wanted #2 &I suspose #3 my fav are the two I always sead if your in business don't fall in lov with your product :rolleyes:

on Friday, August 31st, Elise said

Hi pop,
The first and second ones have sold. The third one is probably my fav. too. I won't be sad if I get to keep it.

on Saturday, September 1st, Rebeka Lembo said

Hey, Elise. The pieces for your upcoming show are prodigious! I hope everything goes well and I am glad to know life is being kind to you. :D

Good luck with the show!

on Saturday, September 1st, Kasia said

The painting are great! I ove them! Good luck with all of my heart!!! I hope everything will go exactly the way you want it to go! I am keeping my finger crossed! And I'd better start saving money for one of your masterpieces!

on Sunday, September 2nd, Kasia said

This Elena girl is really stubborn! :hehe:

on Wednesday, September 5th, D (Dorothea) said

Yes, please go away Elena, geez. :D

GOOD LUCK, Elise!!! I love #3, too - they're all wonderful! The flyer is really cool, too.

Regarding The Canvas - Yay! - I have lots of room. :cool:

on Wednesday, September 5th,">Jackie said

Elena wants you! Do your paintings always talk back like that, or...
Hey - great show! Best of luck Elise - it is great to see you painting away again!


on Monday, November 26th, Tom said

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Yours faithfully