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03/01/2008: "Asus eee webcam test"

I'm still in fairbanks at a library conference and getting a little stir crazy in my hotel room alone at night so I played around to see if I could upload a webcam post. Aaron and i talked early by webcam and that was nice. i know i'm way behind the curve on this, i'm only a recent convert to web chatting.

Video of yours truly (1527k file)

pretty awful right?

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on Sunday, March 2nd, berry connell said

OK, well,
i guess the painting part is over for a bit. I have to attempt to make my group of pictures (about 24) more presentable. The frames I've put on them are lame, to be kind about it. I have to go in Tuesday and clean them and help hang them....
Although the show starts on the sixth, the first "big" show is on the 14th.
(I dunno, I'm only the artist)
Some folks were thinking I couldn't fill the gallery enough and were ready to lend me stuff to hang.
The ONLY thing slowing me down was the mandatory frame rule.

So, at home I have a bunch of lathe pieces to make more frames with. My intention is to change out some paintings halfway through my show dates, a stunt none of the others have done.
Uh-oh. I wonder if there's a reason for that?

About the web chat thing.
I couldn't even open it with this computer, but, it let me save the "bit" so, maybe I can open it at my home computer.
Dragging you kicking and screaming into the twentifirst century, eh?
(that's how I put it when I get punk'd by the computer machines. Then again, what the hey. As long as it lets me store pictures and painting pictures in it.

Which reminds me, and, it hasn't escaped me that I'm being terribly wordy...again.
You had commented on painting nudes and that you felt uncomfortable with the nominclature of "landscape artist" and yet....
I had asked you once if I could attempt to paint from your group of pictures and you said "no" because you were going to use them yourself.
Now, as for the nominclature thing, I know what you're saying about that.
I've actually been trying to bend away from being called a landscaper because it "pigeon holes" me. I also paint buildings, animals, people (dressed and nude) still lifes, florals, portraits, and anything.... as in ANYTHING.... I want to paint.
But some folks have tried their best to make me a landscape artist.
So...the title of my show?



on Sunday, March 2nd, elise said

hi berry,
good luck on your show, i love the title linescapes...very clever. as for swapping out pieces half way though, let me know how that goes. what you risk is if someone sees a piece they like and come back for it later and see its gone theyll assume you sold it.

on Sunday, March 2nd, elise said

as for the landscape photos, i incorporate them with the nudes, that's how i use them, though now i'm doing some straight up landscapes as well. it's all good!