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02/21/2009: "The Mighty Glacier"

On Thursday I went for a walk out to the Mendenhall Glacier with my friend Wendy during my lunch break. I had never done it before, you can only go when the lake is frozen. It was "mostly" frozen, and at one point the glacier made a loud noise from deep inside and Wendy and I both took off running. Still, it was pretty incredible to see up close. These photos really do not do it justice.

mendenhall-glacier-juneau (91k image)

This first one is take some distance away. That dark blue slit towards the middle is what I'm posing in front of in the next shot.

juneau-glacier-elise-tomlinson3 (102k image)

glacier-elise-juneau-alaska (41k image)

Replies: 3 Comments

on Monday, February 23rd, Kasia said

All I can say is :WOW!!! GREAT!

on Monday, February 23rd, Elise said

Thanks Kasia!
I hope you can come visit Alaska someday before all the glaciers melt away.

on Monday, February 23rd, Brian said

You can actually walk down to the glacier during the summer too. There's a spur off of the West Glacier Trail that leads right to the foot of it. There are usually some neat tunnels to explore.

But be prepared for some scrambling up and down some rocks. They make it a unique hiking experience in Juneau.

And not all of the glaciers are melting! I'll save that story for a future comment though...