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04/12/2009: "Best present EVER!"

This weekend Aaron built me a shelf to store my canvases and dried paintings. I LOVE it so much. My studio has seemed small and cramped because there were paintings and new canvases lying around stacked up everywhere. He came up with this design on his own after going through a lot of options.

Initially he was planning on making a storage unit for wet canvas, but then it occurred to me that I like having my wet canvases hanging on the wall, so I can see them in-progress. Once we removed the need for individual dividers, the project got a lot easier and he knew just what to do.

I'm soooo impressed with it. It's really sturdy, and we're going to install a swinging arm mount for a small flat-screen TV (when we can afford one).

Now I'm going to paint it white, then start stacking my canvases in it. I'm so happy! I finally feel like I have a *real* studio. More photos to come!

canvas-storage-unit (93k image)

canvas-storage-unit2 (100k image)

Replies: 2 Comments

on Tuesday, April 14th, AK Rob said

Now that is a SEXY man!

on Tuesday, April 14th, Elise said

I'll be sure to tell Aaron you think so!