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06/22/2010: "Talking about art get's my blood pumping!"

Yesterday late afternoon my friend Jeff stopped by my office at work and we got to chatting about art. Not really about my paintings or his photography and videos (check out the site he just started) My Alaska Life but about all the cool stuff we'd like to do relating to the business/marketing aspect of what we do. It was a happy coincidence that I've been really in that mind space lately, and it was wonderful having a fellow artist to talk to about all my various schemes.

Plus he had some great ideas. For example, I wanted to order some stickers with my art work but the cheapest way is to buy a large quantity but then they all have to be one image (and I wanted lots of different ones) so he suggested going for a larger sized sticker comprised of 8 or 10 images and then cutting them down to individual stickers with my paper cutter. Brilliant!

Also, he has lots of expensive cameras and camcorders I can use for free and he also showed me some tips on how to use a plain old piece of white foam core to bounce diffuse light onto paintings for photographing etc. etc.

I've been lamenting the fact lately that I don't have many artist friends to get together with just to talk about these topics that my non-artist friends find boring. I felt super energized after our 3-hour long talk. I went home in a great mood only to find several phone messages from the friend I was supposed to meet for dinner some hours earlier. DAMN!

I don't know how I could have forgotten. This was a great friend I hadn't hung out with in a long time and I'd been really looking forward to it. How many times can a person say "I'm SORRY!"...? At least she was very understanding about it.

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on Wednesday, June 23rd, Kasia said

I know this kind of distraction. When you are into something (movie, conversation, walk, daydreaming), you just get lost. :-) It has happened to me many times.