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Alaskan Artist - Elise Tomlinson

Commission a Painting


This is always my least favorite aspect of the creative process, deciding how much something is "worth". However, you need to be able to tell people up front what things will cost so here goes.

I determine my base fee as follows: Take the height of the piece in inches plus the width of the piece in inches and then times that number by 8. For example, an oil painting 8"x11" would come out to (8+11=19) (19x8=$152.00). A painting 24"x36" would cost $480.00 etc. I need 20% of the total fee before work begins. Buyer pays actual shipping and handling. If you send me the dimensions you're interested in and your area code, I will tell you exactly what the shipping fees will be.

The finished painting will be on a gallery wrapped canvas with the sides painted in a continuation of the image on the front so it can be displayed without a frame. If you wish to have your piece framed, I charge actual costs of the framing, though you may want to have the piece framed in your area to save on shipping fees.

The Process:

First of all, you need to first and foremost, like my style of painting. Even though I'm capable of doing photorealistic work, I don't enjoy it at all. I will only do work that is more stylized, as seen in my various online galleries. That said, I want the buyer to be 100% satisfied and I'm willing to work with you until that goal is reached.

First of all, we need to decide what you want your painting to be of. I can work from a photograph of a person or pet etc. I can create a portrait of you (as you are or doing something you've always dreamed of). I have also done work with creative writers, creating paintings for them based on poetry.

Another option is to choose a painting of mine that you already like but would prefer it in a different color or a different size. Pretty much the sky is the limit.

Once a theme is decided on, I start out by doing a couple thumb nail sketches (small painting that gives you a general idea of how it will look) or photo collages depending on the subject matter. At that point you can make suggestions about colors, the amount of detail, or the overall design. I will continue to create new thumb nails until an image is created that you are happy with. I will then paint a larger version of the thumb nail. I will photograph it a couple times during the process, emailing you the photo so you can give input along the way. This will include extreme close ups of the canvas or panel so you can see the level of texture ext.


When the painting is done to your satisfaction, you may pay me though Pay Pal or money order and I will mail you your painting. If you are not satisfied with the finished product, you can send it back to me for a refund, less the deposit and shipping and handling fees. In that case, since you did pay a deposit, I will send you all of the thumb nail sketches etc. that were done for your painting.

I'm a very flexible person, so if you have any particular idea you'd like to explore, feel free to phone (907-364-3694) or email me about it. Communication is the key to having a good experience with commissioning a painting. Also, I can give you references of people who have commissioned work from me in the past. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to know more about my exhibition history you can read my artist resume.


Example of scale - 24"x30"

This is a photo of a frame 24"x30" to get an idea of scale. If you are considering bidding on the KTOO commission, you can choose any size canvas up to 24"x30".


Example of Commission based on a previous work.

Example of commission inspired by a previously sold piece "Under the Devil's Club".


Example of a commission based on a photograph of a pet.

Example of commission based on photograph of pet, Cameron.


Example thumb nail painting used to create a larger painting based on a collector's poem.

Example of thumb-nail painting of "Falling" image used for commission
based on a poem the collector wrote.

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