Tell Me What You See: Poems and Paintings by Women
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Artwork from "Tell Me What You See: Poems and Paintings by Women", A collaborative art project between artist Elise Tomlinson and poets Emily Wall and Alexis Easley. Read the show's guestbook , or a review from the Juneau Empire.

Blue - Painting of a blue nude in a field of orange fire grass - Elise Tomlinson
The Art of Serving - Painting of a red nude serving coffee in bed - Elise Tomlinson
The Art of Serving
Reflection - Painting of a nude woman gazing into a pool of water - Elise Tomlinson
Nighttime is the Hardest - painting of man comforting a sad woman -Elise Tomlinson
Nighttime is the Hardest
Nuetral Buoyancy  - Painting of an Alizarin Crimson colored nude diving into a blue sea - Elise Tomlinson
Neutral Buoyancy
Remembering a Yellow Field - Painting of a woman in a blue dress sleeping and dreaming in a yellow field - Elise Tomlinson
Remembering a Yellow Field
Holding Together - Painting of an alizarin crimson nude holding her arms around her knees - Elise Tomlinson
Holding Together

Desert Tea Party - Painting of three women having tea in the desert - Elise Tomlinson
Desert Tea Party

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