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11/30/2003: "November 22nd, 2003"

First off, I was surfing the web for blogs by other artists and I came across one called "Confessions of a Failed Artist". I just knew I had to check it out. I read some of this guy's blog and could tell he was a kindred spirit so I sent him an email and he wrote back. He lives in London, which I think is very cool. He had looked at my website and my "life in Alaska" section and had commented on how great it looks where I live, and is going to take some shots around where he lives in London which I'm looking forward to seeing.

I decided to add some other photos to that "Life in Alaska" page and so uploaded some, including some from when I lived in South Central Alaska. Two were photos of one of my all-time best friends Jenni Williams who I love with all my heart. She lives in Baltimore now and I don't get to see her very often. I was looking at these photos and getting so nostalgic and REALLY missing her, and then she called tonight! I haven't talked to her in months so it was really out of the blue but I think you can be cosmically linked with someone like that.

Jenni is this person I felt a connection to the first moment I met her. We were inseperable. She is beautiful, kind and inteligent, not to mention a very talented writer. I have missed her so much and tonight I was just longing for her and then the phone rang and it was almost scary. We just laughed and laughed for the first 30 minutes... she is someone I can be silly and vulgar around without feeling guilty. It was awesome. We talked for several hours and are planning a trip to meet somewhere this summer, maybe Mexico. She teaches too and we talked about how draining it can be and how we just want to lie on a beach somewhere and get really drunk.. Speaking of which, I have had close to an entire bottle of wine tonight and I'm feeling a little buzzed...but happy. Happy to know that there are wonderful human beings out there in the world, and that we're all a lot closer than it sometimes feels.