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01/31/2004: "First Photos with new Blink II"

Well, the Blink II digital camera I bought from (for 22 bucks with a 20 dollar mail-in rebate so it only cost 2 dollars before shipping) came in a few days ago and I just took the first couple of photos. Both are shots taken out my living room window toward the downtown Douglas main street.

behind_house (29k image)
The building next door to the orange church is the Douglas Public Library.

across_street (31k image)
The grey building is the Douglas Cafe which makes good food but is hugely over-priced. The roof that my living room looks out over is Louie's Bar.

I_survived (25k image)
Me, in my post operative glory!

feet (19k image)
I painted my toenails for my operation...pretty

trees_behind_house (48k image)
Trees behind my house.

shoveled (24k image)
The neighbors have fixed my mailbox and it appears that the shoveling fairy has somehow managed to already shovel my driveway this morning without me even hearing them! As I have mentioned before, the people in this town are incredibly friendly.

osiris (35k image)

Not the highest quality photos granted, but not bad for a camera that is only 2 inches long and about a centimeter thick. It's really cute and the price was right. If it craps out after a little while that's ok. I'm still having fun playing around with it.

I also received this great photo of my friend and former roommate Susan who now lives in Switzerland. She is expecting soon and I think she looks amazing!
heavybelly4 (11k image)

By the way, I just got off the phone with the THIRD friend who has called me to go skiing today! We had several inches of new snow on Friday but I won't be able to go skiing for several weeks still.

sniff sniff.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Saturday, January 31st, susana (swiss style!) said

:hehe: oh lise-- you are sweet-- and that's one scary, albeit leggy pic... are you aware that your name is making a huge comeback on the baby boards? imagine all those little elsie's running around... but none compare to you!
:D xoxoxoxoxoxo

on Saturday, January 31st, Elise said

Hi Subi dubi,
I am so excited for you. Send me some of your new poems ok foxy mama?

on Saturday, January 31st, Elise said

And no, I wasn't aware that the name Elise was making a come-back. Growing up I don't think I ever met another woman with my name. I wonder what has initiated it's popularity these days?