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02/09/2004: "Weekend spent painting"

Friday night I went to my friend Heather's art opening at Rock Paper Scizzors. She did a bunch of these masks that were really interesting and fun. Next we went to see the openings at the Empire and JAHC galleries. Afterward we went to the Juneau Underground Motion Picture (JUMP) society's short film festival at the Backroom Cinema. Three movies were included from the group that I belong to. I thought they were really well received. What I was suprised at was how good all of the movies were. All local talent and there were, I don't know, but around 20 movies in all and they were a lot of fun to watch.

Everyone went out on the town afterwards but I was feeling motivated to come home and paint. I spent the whole weekend painting even though I didn't start any new paintings. The three canvases that I started before my operation were dry enough to put on a second layer. That's one thing about my paintings this time that differ from my last show, in that I have enough time to really build up the layers, as opposed to just using a shit load of liquin and doing one fat layer right at the end.

This time I want to be finished a month before the opening. That may seem ambitious but I am pretty sure I can do it. See, my 4 sisters and I have been planning a "sisters only" vacation for two years now (no kids or husbands). We debated a Carribean Cruise, a Mexican all inclusive, I really wanted to go camping on the Big Island of Hawaii...we really couldn't agree on where to go.

Finally, I have no money...and now there are doctor's bills and the fee for my slip at the Douglas Harbor is coming up so I told one sister that thought I wouldn't be able to join them afterall. The long and short of it is that they all agreed that they would come and stay with me for a week or so. The only problem is they are coming one week before my next show opens. Normally I'm still painting at that time plus I get really stressed and crazy. Still, they are doing me this favor by coming here for their vacation so I need to make sure I get finished way before they get here, so I won't have to be worrying about cleaning the house and stuff and get ready for the show at the same time. Anyway, I've never been this ahead of the game before.

The woman who commissioned the painting said I can use it in the show too if I need to, which is nice. I'd prefer to have all available paintings in the show to increase my chances of selling something but it's nice to know in case I end up needing it.

OK I better quit writing and get back to painting.