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02/26/2004: "Photos of the library where I work, University of Alaska Southeast"

It has been sunny and cold the last couple of days. Here are some photos I took at the library where I work. It's called the William A. Egan Library and it's an academic library for the University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau.

library_front (38k image)
This is the parking lot in front of the library. From here you can see a beautiful mountain range and the Mendenhall Glacier. I took this photo too far to the left to get the glacier in frame. The campus also runs along Auke Lake.

coffee_bar (26k image)
This is a terrible photo of Spike's Cafe, a very hip coffee bar located in the entrance to the library.

inside2 (46k image)
This is inside the library on the second floor looking down to the ground level. The entrance to the library is on the second floor.

inside_stairs (44k image)
These are the stairs going up to the third floor of the library. Those of you who have watched my streamed Kite Club movie will recognize this staircase from the movie.

ceiling2 (45k image)
The third floor of the library is an atrium, so from the second floor there is a vaulted ceiling with amazing sky lights.

tlingit (31k image)
Dispersed throughout the whole library is a collection of Tlingit art such as this carving on the second floor. We have a brochure that's a tour of all the art in the building.

reading_nook (53k image)
This is one of my favorite reading nooks.

trees_outside (54k image)
The trees outside the library are gigantic. Juneau is in a deciduous rain forest so the trees get absolutely huge. It's a little hard to tell the scale from this photo.

clearing (56k image)
This is a little clearing outside the front door of the library where I took all my photos of muskeg. with a much better camera. I used my little Blink II spy cam for the photos in this blog entry.

Basically I work in an incredibly beautiful building in an unbelievably gorgeous town. I get a lot of inspiration for my paintings from the scenery around town. Although I'm a figurative painter, I notice that more and more landscape elements are entering my paintings. The work for my upcoming show includes a lot of local plant life as well.

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Let me know what you think or drop me a line about where you work or how the place where you live enfluences your art.

Replies: 5 Comments

on Thursday, February 26th, Greg Stewart said

:D Nice pics... it really looks beautiful. It sure beats my view of a brick wall.

on Saturday, February 28th, Elise said

Thanks Greg,
Maybe you should paint some trees and mountains on your brick wall to liven things up a bit!

on Thursday, March 18th,">Alicia said

I live and work in a small, rural town in northern Honshu, Japan. I am seriously considering moving to Alaska for graduate school, so I'm trying to get a feel for what it might be like to live there. I loved your "Top 100" or rather "Top 20" reasons you like living there. It sounds like you moved there about 16 years ago from Nebraska (am I right?). I'm a native Oregonian and am curious about how the adjustment might be for someone from the lower 48. Any thoughts?
I'm not an artist, but your paintings and photos are beautiful!

on Thursday, March 18th, Elise said

Hi Alicia,
So what's it like in Honshu, Japan? If you can adjust moving there from Oregon, you'll have no problem with Alaska.

I have lived in South Central (Anchorage) and now Southeast (Juneau/Douglas) and they are very different. Juneau is more like British Columbia, a rain forest, mild temperatures, and depending where you live, no roads!

Anchorage is more of a city. There are more job opportunities and more to do in general. Much better resturants. Plus, with Anchorage there is a road system. You can travel all over the place, we used to drive 14 hours round trip to go to Denali or Fairbanks for the weekend! And in the other direction is the Kenai Penninsula, Seward and Homer (I would highly reccommend Homer if you don't mind small towns, it's fantastic).

Anyway, I could give you loads of advice about it, I'm probably the state's biggest fan. Why not drop me a line by email. I'd like to hear about Japan anyway!

on Tuesday, August 24th,">coco brown said

I love the pics! Im thinking of relocating there but not qite sure, can you send me some information? :) :)