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02/26/2004: "Fighting fires is fun!"

So today was fun, walking back from the Thai Kitchen where we had a birthday party for my boss I found this leaf in its frosty splendor

frosty (53k image)

Then I got to go to a three hour long fire extinguisher training class through my job. My friend Karl (from hidden alien productions) was also there (in foreground).

karl (32k image)

extinguisher (26k image)

Based on this class I realized my house if a flippin fire trap. For example, I had been putting paper towels with solvent on them, in the plastic trash can in the utility closet with the boiler. Not smart. Also, all of the batteries are out of my smoke detectors. I went out after the class and bought new batteries and also carbon monoxide detectors.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Wednesday, March 3rd, Angry Janitor said

Who is that devilishly handsome guy in the firehat? *swoon*

Just kidding. It's me, Karl. Dang, I look GOOD.


on Thursday, March 4th, Elise said

Hi Karl,
I really like that photo too, you should ask if you can keep the hat (for the ladies).