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03/10/2004: "Put a fork in me"

have I mentioned yet that 28 Days Later (oh god not again) was shot using Canon XL1s? I found a place online where I could buy one for 1700 (with Canon's 500.00 mail in rebate good until the end of this month). Rumor has it the XL2 will be coming out shortly with has a 24frame capture rate capability like film. Still, I think the XL1 may actually be in my future. I found this great article about a 31 year old who wrote, directed, edited, shot, and acted in his own movie that just won the Grand Jury prize for drama at sundance using a super 16mm which you can also buy through ebay for a reasonalble price. Amateur filmmakers flourish. The movie was called Primer. The Primer website has a link to the trailer in Quicktime which is fantastic and that is almost impossible to believe was done by a first time filmmaker let alone for the budget he had. It gives just enough information to make you REALLY want to see the film, without really telling you anything. My favorite type of trailer.

I'm feeling so inspired right now. Peter Boyle (director of 28 Days later and Trainspotting among others) quoted someone on the film's director commentary section about filmmaking being a process of delays followed by repetition. I can't remember who he was quoting but I just thought to myself "yah, and I LOVE it!". At some point I guess a person has to start taking responsibility for making things happen in their life. I'm at that point exactly right now, today!