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04/08/2004: "Another Night another Cillian Murphy Drawing"

Well, I just had to do one more drawing, this one is from one of the most striking visual scenes in the John Carney film "On the Edge" starring Cillian Murphy and Tricia Vessey. This scene is at the end of the movie when the Jonathan character is comforting the Rachel character with bright orange ice creams in front of a sky blue ice cream truck. I did this drawing with an 2HB pencil and then did the background and popcicles in PhotoShop. I will probably paint the drawing with acrylics (to match) when I get the chance. Click on image to see a larger version.

Cillian Murphy and Tricia Vessey with orange ice creams from On the Edge

On another note, a woman named Avril Dell has a great website with lots of interesting writings. She used a couple of my paintings for her essay (with the great title) Tears and Money Shots: The Obscene View of Grief. My images are used for Exhibit C. Check it out!

Replies: 3 Comments

on Saturday, April 10th,">Maggie said

I love this new drawing Elise, the orange and blue but also the cofort in it. Makes me want to rent the movie but we probably don't have it in my town because our blockbuster is really small and mostly has only hollywood hit type movies.

on Monday, April 12th,">Elise said

I bought this movie from ebay brand new and factory sealed for only around 8 bucks and that included shipping and handling to Alaska so it's not much more than the price of a rental.

I don't want to hype the movie too much and have someone order it with huge expectations, it's not a blockbuster type movie, but it is a sweet story with very good acting, directing, and musical score.

on Wednesday, June 16th, Crush on Cillian said

It's crazy cuz I have this movie coming in the mail. Cillian has become a new obsession for me! I love how you captured his jaw bone structure and heavy lidded eyes, very beautiful! :D