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04/16/2004: "Beautiful Day in the Studio! (photo blog entry)"


me2 (24k image)
No LED screen on my blink II camera...makes for some interesting crops. (painting in background is one I did of the town in Spain where I will retire someday).

me with Alaskan Amber
No sunny day painting session would be complete with the most popular beer in Alaska: Alaskan Amber.

easles2 (34k image)
Two blank canvases waiting to be ravaged.

paints (35k image)
Paints and the veggie tales stuffed animal I got for Christmas

drawing_table (33k image)
My drawing table with all the fixins.

studio (43k image)
Some current works in progress

three_glass_balls (26k image)
Osiris in sunny window with glass fishing floats.


crocus_blooms_light (51k image)
Out in my front yard, the crocuses have bloomed.

single_crocus (52k image)
Another Crocus

tulip_leaves (38k image)
Tulip leaves with a non-tulip flower (I'm not sure what kind of flower it is)

Replies: 5 Comments

on Saturday, April 17th, Dio said

I'm jealous, you have plenty of studio space and look well organised! I'm currently working on half a tabletop in amongst laundry and computer bits and bobs. :)

Must be something in the air today, we had a bit of sun and the flowers are shooting up everywhere around here. We have a lovely Cherry Blossom in the front of the house. It spends most of the year looking bare and spindly, but for the next few weeks it will look a million dollars!

on Monday, April 19th,">Elise said

If you ever need to sell your house you should wait until April then, cherry blossoms are the best.

And don't be too jealous, my "studio" is just my converted living room...which I suppose is easier to do when you live alone than when you have a family. Happy to see Elis is doing better by the way!

on Monday, April 19th, Dio said

Cheers, he's defintely on the mend. Funnily enough, I was thinking about how we would need to time the house sale to ensure the tree was in blossom come buying time.

As for your room, believe me - given the space I'm in it looks smashing. :)

on Thursday, April 29th, Hibiscus said

Hey a friend mentioned your site so I checked it out...very nice indeed! That bloom looks like it might be "Allium" which is the latin name for the Onion family...I could be wrong so to check go and pinch the leaves and smell 'cause it'll smell like onion big time....either that or it is "Puschkinia" which is a bulb in the lily family.

on Thursday, April 29th, Elise said

Hi Hibiscus,
I pinched a leaf and it didn't smell like onion, so then I did an image search in google for Puschkinia and it looks identical to what's growing in my yard. A friend gave me some bulbs so I never knew exactly what everything was. Anyway, they are really pretty and now I know what they're called too. Thanks!