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05/15/2004: "Reworked painting Under the Devil's Club"

devilsclub (43k image) devilsclub4 (36k image)

The painting on the left was how the painting looked before I lightened the background. A blogger Dio made the observation that there wasn't enough of a tonal distinction, so I tried to lighten the sky. I'm not sure if it was sucessful or not.

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on Saturday, May 15th, Jake said

Personally I think the light background is working better, the only thing I like more about the first painting is there seems to be more contrast in the figure, green tints as well. You might consider adding some of that back into number two. Just my opinion. it looks great.

on Sunday, May 16th, Dio said

Its a lot more punchier for me now. Its coming on a treat! You'll have to see if it grows on you. If it don't then you can always paint it out. :)

on Sunday, May 16th,">Elise said

Hey guys, thanks for the advice. I looked at it again this morning with fresh eyes (you know how it is if you stare at something too much) and I think you're right. It looks a lot better with the lightened background. BTW Dio, what does "it's coming on a treat" mean? (it sounds like a compliment but with you Brits you can never tell ;)). Which reminds me, do most Welsh folks like or dislike being referred to as British?

on Monday, May 17th, Dio said

Haha, yes, coming on a treat is good. I suppose its another way of saying lookin' good.

I think most Welsh folks like Welsh, but are also very happy with British. Just don't ever make the mistake of saying the old classic, 'You from Wales, England?' or worse still calling us English! :)