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05/16/2004: "Having Artist Friends"

music: Hungry for Snake (mixed CD from Sean)

Last night I was invited to a bon fire at Holly and Reber's newly constructed house in the woods. The last time I was over there everything was still unfinished but last night it looked amazing. I almost didn't go, I was painting and really in the groove, but they live on Douglas Island too so I didn't have to go far. I'm really glad now that I forced myself. I met several new people that I liked a lot, including a really interesting woman who was just offered a job as the new graphic designer out at the University. She wasn't sure if she was going to accept the offer or not but after talking with her, it's looking like she may be leaning towards taking it. That would be excellent.

She's witty and quirky (She was wearing a 50s style cocktail dress from her costume collection) and we share a lot of the same opinions on topics where people don't normally share my opinion. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she takes the job, or if not that at least we hang out again sometime; it has taken me awhile but I feel that I'm slowly building up a small circle of artist friends here. I can't stress enough how much I need to be able to talk about the things in life I'm really passionate about, and art is right up there at the top of the pyramid for me (that's why this blog and all my virtual artist friends are so important to me).

Today it's cloudy out after weeks of sunshine so I'm feeling a bit depleted. I'm sticking to my plan though, not to start any new work until I finish the 12 or so paintings I already have in progress. Yesterday I more or less finished two, and I'm going to concentrate on finishing up one or two more today.

Since Southeast Alaska is a deciduous rain forest, when it's not raining here everyone feels this manic need to be outside enjoying it. People actually take "sunshine" days at work, where they call in they won't be in because of the sun. On the rare occasions that the sun is out for several days or even weeks in a row, it can get quite exhausting. Especially now that the days are getting so long.

I remember I saw this short film when I was a kid that had a huge impact on me. It was about a little girl who lived on a planet where the sun never shown. It was her biggest dream to see the sun, and it was due to make an appearance for the first time in like, a hundred years. And her classmates ended up locking her in her room and she missed seeing it. Sometimes, living on Douglas, I know exactly how she must have felt.