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Home » Archives » July 2004 » Have you heard of the new no-carb diet?

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07/16/2004: "Have you heard of the new no-carb diet?"

No Chaney
No Ashcroft
No Rumsfeld
No Bush

And absolutely no Rice!

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on Friday, July 16th, holly said

LOL! Saw a bumpersticker with pics of Cheney, Asscroft, Rumsfeld, and Bush captioned: "Why change horsemen in the middle of an Apocalyspe?"

on Friday, July 16th,">Elise said

Hee hee, yes, we have that sign hanging up in our break room!

Check out some of this guys banners. My particular favorites are:

Micheal Moore Hates Puppies

Coked out Draft Dodgers for Jesus

Zealots are Creepy

Support Terrorism


Four More Years

on Monday, July 19th, John said

Check this song out, it's written by eric idle about the FCC's new regulations, and it mentions various members of the administration in a humorous way. :)

on Monday, July 19th,">Elise said