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09/07/2004: "Homeland"

I love Greg Brown. I got to hear him live here in Juneau several years ago. He even wrote a song while he was trapped here due to bad weather (Two Little Feet) for which I got permission to film a music video for a videography class I was taking. This morning on the way into work I heard one of his new songs, recorded last year, called "Homeland".

Homeland (I Want My Country Back)
Copyright 2003 Greg Brown and Hacklebarney Music

I want my country back
and a good dream to stand up for.
Got my hand over my heart,
but I don't feel at home here anymore

Big, big flag above the big, big mall,
and the shake rattle and roll to the core.
Things sprawl after they fall,
and I don't feel at home here anymore

Homeland of Sojourner Truth
and Chief Joseph before,
Many quiet words of wisdom drowned out by TV
and I don't feel at home here anymore.

Blind engineer, war train on the track,
many many a heart is sore.
We want our country back;
we want to feel at home here once more.

I want my country back.