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11/02/2004: "Indecision 2004"

technorati tags: excited, anxious, happy, freaked out, etc.

I actually woke up early this morning so I could make it to the polls as soon as they opened the doors. It's exciting because I've never seen such a large crowd at my polling place before. GO KERRY! GO KNOWLES! RAH RAH RAH! I admit I got a little weepy eyed when they handed me my "I Voted Today" sticker.

I hope everything goes smoothly with this election. I'm especially hopeful that all the young and newly registered voters show up. If there are long lines people will still get to vote if they're in line when the polls close.

Here in Alaska there is also an initiative to make it legal again to grow, sale, and use marjuana but to regulate it like tobacco and alcohol: still restrict to adults over age 21, make it illegal to drive under the influence, etc. I taught a research session yesterday and one group was doing their presentation on it and I admitted that I thought it should be legalized too. Their regular instructor looked a little horrified...and I thought to myself "Uh Oh".

Then I went to the bathroom afterwards and I looked like I was totally stoned! I had lined my eyes with red face paint for Halloween and there was still a very thin line of it around my eyes that made them look puffy and bloodshot. "Stoner Librarian" is *just* the reputation I'm going for! Hey, that actually sounds like it could be a funny comic...stay tuned...

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on Tuesday, November 2nd, Dio said

I don't think I've ever felt so get up and go about an election here - but this one feels realllllll important.

As for the stoner librarian - quick -trademark that one now as there's a film/comic/book waiting to happen there... ;)

on Tuesday, November 2nd, Elise said

Hey Dio,
I've already started working on the comic in my mind. She'll have her dreadlocks pulled up into a bun, her granny glasses on a hemp chain, a tie dyed cardigan sweater, long hemp skirt and Birkenstocks!

She'll magically apear from the rare books room in a puff of smoke and giggle/chortle everytime she "shushes" someone!

on Wednesday, November 3rd, RR said

I was depressed by the queues. Surely the most advanced Country in the world could work out a better system. I just hope the right people were in line. As for Stoner librarian - if Bush does get in *God forbid* , I think you should run with a name like that next time.

on Wednesday, November 3rd, Elise said

Some students and faculty in Ohio had to wait over NINE hours in line! Over 3,000 people in line and only two polling boths.

It appears that He Whose Name I Will Not Mention has "won" this election, but there are so many voting irregularities I can't believe it. The number of polling stations, the amount of time it was taking because of Republican vote challengers, and lower income people who generally vote Democratic can't afford to take that much time off from work or away from their kids. Elderly people also may have seen the long lines and decided they couldn't stand in line that long.

I feel sooooo depressed right now. This morning my entire body (including my soul) is in pain. If this country is supposed to be a model of democracy, we haven't been a very good example for many years now.

on Wednesday, November 3rd,">Sammy said

And don't forget about all the electronic voting that did not include paper backup copies. There is no way to know if those have been manipulated or not.