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01/10/2005: "Snow Sky"

Well, Iím working from home today and really do have *a lot* to do as the project needs to be in the mail either today or early in the morningÖno pressure!

I didnít do any painting this weekend as I spent both days finishing a website I designed for the Alaska Library Association. I launched it on Sat. morning and then spent the rest of Sat. and Sunday fixing things that didnít work right after the transfer.

It is good to be finished with it though there are still some alignment tags I need to deal with.

On another note, once again I am dragging my heals in terms of canceling my show for April. It seems I always want to cancel but can never bring myself to do it. I keep thinking how much less stressful my life will be if I cancel, but the truth is, I probably wonít be as prolific if I donít have that deadline hanging over my head.

I discussed it with my friend Karen on Sat. morning; we went out for coffee before I started my big web site project. She agreed that taking a year off from exhibiting might be a good idea, although Iíll miss the extra income. I wish that I was more decisive.

Sat. night I took a break from the web project and my friend Maren came over for pizza. The power went out twice, the second time it was out for over an hourÖ(it goes out *all* the time over here) and my surge protector was still turned off from when I had unplugged everything for my trip home for the holidays. Thankfully nothing fried but it scared me pretty good. I just *have* to get around to backing everything up.

Itís snowing outside and really beautiful. I woke up early this morning and all I could see out my bedroom window was the sky and I remember thinking ďsnow skyĒ before falling back to sleep. There is just something about the sky when itís getting ready to snow, I can always tell. By the time my alarm sounded, everything was covered in white.

The temptation to curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate is strong, very strong...but I have to stay focused and resist snowy day temptations.

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on Tuesday, January 11th, Albertina said

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on Tuesday, January 11th, Elise said

Hi Albertina,
I went to check out your site but I didn't really understand it. Sorry