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01/23/2005: "Procrastination"

I remember when I was back in school I'd have a 25 page paper due in 2 days and I'd find absolutely anything to put off starting on it. It's the same with this show at the Loft gallery coming up, I keep putting off getting started and spend time working on projects that aren't going to be a part of the show.

I spent the weekend cleaning the house and organizing the new shipment of acrylics that finally came in from Dick Blick. After I got everything spick and span, I started this new piece, based on a photograph of my two cats taking a nap together. I just put them in an outdoor's what I imagine indoor cats dream of. It's for another group show titled "Cats and Dogs" (for charity).

Here is a picture of the piece as it looks in PhotoShop (pre-painting)...I pieced it together collage style from various paintings and photos of mine..

Now I'm working on the underpainting on a Gessoboard panel using my new acrylics. I must say, I have no experience with acrylics and they are really difficult. I'm not sure that I'm going to like this idea of doing the base layers in acrylic and the top layers in oil. But, I'll give it a try. I'll try anything to put off starting work on the bluegrass paintings. The ironic thing is that when I was doing the Alluvial show, all I could think about was starting on the bluegrass paintings. Maybe the grass is always going to be greener on the other side?

when-house-cats-dream4 (50k image)

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on Tuesday, January 25th,">Sammy B said

I have not stopped by your site in a couple of weeks but it looks like you have been busy doing different kinds of work.

I like this painting of the cats, or what will be a painting, but I have three cats that I adore so I am biased.

Is this going to be a new direction for your work?

on Tuesday, January 25th, Elise said

This isn't a new direction for me or anything. The one with the barcode is a very old piece from college, and the one with the cats is just for fun, it's for a charity event and pretty much a one time only type of thing. I supposed I need to quit doing the one shot deals and start working on my next series, though there is something fun about doing single pieces for theme shows.

on Friday, January 28th, subi said

wow!!! lise!!!! wow!!! (is apparently all I have to say) I absolutely love this new bent!!!!! can I say LOVE ??? I lovelovelove it and it's alaskan feel yet modernist wayfarings (not to readers: obviously I am NOT an art writer and shouldn't be... :laugh: but this painting genuinely touches something very central in my heart's heart... sigh,,,,)

on Saturday, January 29th, Elise said

I'm happy you've had such a strong reaction to this painting Subi, I haven't had much feedback on it and I was starting to think maybe it was too cutsey or something. I mean *I* like it, and it is for a cat and dog show charity event...etc. but it's nice to know that someone also thinks it's a strong painting in it's own right.