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01/21/2005: "I'm In!"

So, I just got an email from the curator of the Eros and Art juried exhibit and my piece (seen below after the "mark of the beast" print) made it in!

This is the first juried show I've entered since art school. I hate getting rejected (like most of us do) so I've kindof avoided them over the years.

The notification said they had an "overwhelming" response, so that made me feel even better.

My sister might be coming to Juneau tonight with baby xander. If so I'll have to take the weekend off from painting, as I don't want to expose the little guy to any toxic fumes.

It's hard for me when I have a show coming up (The solo on April 1st) and I haven't started yet, and I'll have to finish a painting a week if I want to get done in time, plus all the other crap that goes with preparing for an opening (and a house guest since Rick will be coming to see me) and yet I can't tell my baby sister not to come. I mean, she's very understanding and wouldn't be upset if I did say that, but I don't want to say that. I love her and xander and want to see them in the worst way, but it scares me how little I have done and how little time there is to do it.

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on Friday, January 21st, Howard said

Congrats on getting in the show!

on Friday, January 21st, Elise said

Thanks was actually hearing about your group show opportunities that got me interested in trying them out again. I think it's a good way to meet and make contacts with other local artists.