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01/29/2005: "Scheduling Conflicts"

I've don't commit to things in advance; I never know if I'll feel like doing something until the last minute. My friends for the most part understand and it works except for a few, you can't just show up at the last minute to a sold out show.

I spent $22 on a ticket to Perseverance Theather's production of Hedwig and the Angry inch for tonight's midnight showing. Partly because a friend of mine is actually in it, and partly because I loved the movie version so much that I went through a little mini-obsession with it and painted several scene's from the film, as well as learned all the lyrics to the songs, and how to play a few on the guitar. I'm actually really excited about seeing it, only...not tonight.

I'm working on my painting for the Eros Show and it's going pretty well, I feel in the groove and I'm afraid that if I stop now, I won't get it back in time to finish it. It's due back at the gallery Monday morning and if I work on it when I'm not in the zone, the risk of destroying it goes up exponentially.

Anyway, I've already said I'll be the designated driver so I can't cancel now, besides, I don't want to waste a 22 dollar ticket as I couldn't really afford it to begin with. I guess I'll just have to go and try to enjoy myself and not think about this painting while I'm there. If all goes well (and since I won't be tying one on) I'll hopefully be able to get back into this painting in the morning.

On another note, I examined one of my Vincent Masterpiece Masterwrap 30"x40" canvases and the back braces were attached to close to the canvas surface in back. You can see the outline of the wood pressing a line in the canvas from behind. Using the 3/4" profile pre-streched canvas is fine for smaller pieces but for larger ones, I should go back to building and streching my own using 1x2s. As much as I hate doing it, the perfectionist in me can't settle for sub-standard materials.

Also, I'd like to give a shout out to Myk in Anchorage, an old friend of mine from back when I was in college. He's the third old friend to look me up in the past 2 weeks! He's playing with the interestingly named band Stunt Cock. He's a very talented guitarist and sincerely good guy. (I'll write you back soon Myk!).

OK, I better be going off to the show now...I know it will be excellent, it has gotten *rave* reviews.

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on Sunday, January 30th, Anna L. Conti said

Hey Elise - have you tried shrinking those pre-stretched canvases before you paint on 'em? If not, do this: Once you get them unwrapped, spray both sides (front & back) with water - quite a bit of it, so that it's drippy. Then wipe it down with a soft cotton cloth or natural sponge. Set it in a warm spot... near a heater, or in the sun, or sometimes I blast it with a hair drier, but that takes awhile. Anyway, as it dries, it shrinks and gets really tight. Tight enough that your strokes won't hit the cross bar.

on Monday, January 31st, Elise said

Thanks Anna, I have tried that in the past, though I'm not sure that will help in this case. The brace is actually sticking out a little further than the actual canvas is, so tightening it up will only cause it to press further against the canvas.

I may try using a rubber mallat to knock the main back brace loose and then reattach it back a little.

Then use the squirt bottle to get it all snugged up.

Thanks for the suggestion!