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01/31/2005: "Finished version of "En Plein Air""

Well, unfortunately it's still a little wet but I got it back in the frame and it looks better (I think). I know delivering a wet canvas is very uncool, but it's due down at the gallery this morning so I'm going to take it, and just leave a note on it. The "Before" version is farther down this page.

plein-air (41k image)

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on Monday, January 31st, Dave from Nebraska said

Yes, better.
Very good E!

on Monday, January 31st, Elise said

Thanks Dave,
I've found that I'm growing more fond of this painting the longer I work on it.

I'm still loving painting on the panel, I had to use my fingernails to scratch out all the teeny tiny bits that were left from when I wiped out a portion of the painting using paper towel instead of cloth (rookie mistake)...but after I did that and put on a fresh coat of paint, it really did look nice.

painting is such a fantastic experience it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

on Thursday, February 3rd, swisslovebaby said

i like the 2nd /finished version... it seems to have more depth & my amateur eye... less flat... which i didn't think of the first before, but in comparison...kwim? btw, is your frequent poster 'Dave' the same dave from AK? well, know of, i don't think we ever met! :confused:

on Thursday, February 3rd, slb said

btw, i cannot seem to figure how to reply to comments on my blog on the mac :angry: thanks for reading :D

on Thursday, February 3rd, Elise said

No, that Dave (David Walker) lives in Maine now. This is a Dave from my home state. There are about 3 or 4 daves who read this site, that's why he always adds (from Nebraska).