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02/01/2005: "What are you afraid of?"

Well, the countdown has officially begun. I talked to the owner of the Loft gallery where I'm having my April Solo and I let it slip that I didn't have any work for the exhibit yet and he just laughed and said "Don't worry, you have 2 entire months to put something together!" Two entire months indeed.

I'm doing a mental checklist, yet again, of everything I'll have to do before then. Rick is coming around March 24th I think. I'm not sure if it's a good thing he'll be here for the show or not. It could be a real disaster. But if it is, at least I'll have a shoulder to cry on.

I'm working the night shift at the moment and just taking a brief break to check in here. I'm not feeling well *at all* tonight, if there was anyone to fill in for me I'd be at home in bed right now. This came on kindof suddenly, and I'm having a bit of an arthritis flare up in my right foot so I have to hobble about like a 100 year old person.

At least my hands are doing ok. Must paint must paint must paint.

By the way, hello to Stacy tonight, a fellow Juneau artist who left a comment in my last post. Are you in any of the upcoming group shows Stacy? One of them I would have loved to enter (if I'd heard about it in time) is at a new gallery called Ruby something or other but the name of the show is "What are you Afraid of?" and it's about expressing your fears. I would have painted a big painting of my belly button.

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on Tuesday, February 1st, Stacy said

Hi Elise, I just left a post on your last entry without reading this one... so in response, no, I'm not in any shows. I would've loved to do something for the Eros show and planned to, but right now I'm concentrating on a few current pieces I started and never finished. I'm trying to finish stuff as opposed to starting new things. I haven't heard of the new show at Ruby's. I haven't heard of that gallery, but I did drive by a windowfront that might've resembled a new gallery. It was downtown next to Olivia's, I think. But I could be wrong. You'll have to write in some details for that show and where it's at if they don't post fliers for it.

Congrats on making it in the show! Looking forward to this Friday!

on Wednesday, February 2nd, Elise said

hmm, I'm not sure if Ruby is in the title, I just know they're in the same building as Downtown Heritage Coffee and the Golden Nickelodeon...I think in some way related to that video production company (Lucid Reverie or something like that)...

I guess I'm not being very helpful. Anyway, I'll probably see you at the JHAC show.

I know how you feel about needing to finish old things before starting new things, that's always hard for me as well.

on Wednesday, February 2nd,">Sammy B said

It seems like you have a lot of galleries for a town your size. How big is Douglas anyway? Or is it Juneau? Well, I wish we had as many opportunities here as you have there. It sounds really nice.

on Wednesday, February 2nd, holly said

Whoa! Weirdness- I am also afraid of your belly button!
(Just kidding. Really).

Hope you feel better- my joints have been nagging me on and off for the past week. Odd weather patterns moving through, I think.

on Wednesday, February 2nd, Elise said

LOL, you crack me up Holly! Hope your joints start to feel better soon. I had to stay home from work today because the flareup I had in my foot came on so suddenly at work last night that I couldn't even walk by the end of my shift. A co-worker had to drive me to my car in the parking lot. It was humiliating. But, just as quickly as it came on, it has gotten better tonight. Very strange indeed.

And Sammy, I live in Douglas which is part of the City and Borough of Juneau. I think the entire borough is around 30 thousand people...and I agree, we have a lot of galleries etc. for a town our size. I think it's part of being the state capital.