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03/14/2005: "Walnut Oil Versus Linseed Oil"

So, I went to get a Subway sandwich for lunch and there was a long line at the (notoriously slow) drive-through so I decided to stop in the mall next door for a slice of pizza. Well, guess which store happens to be a couple doors down from the pizza shop? The art store!

So, just thought I'd pop in and grab some frame sectionals for an odd shaped painting (8x24) and while there, I "accidentally" bought over a hundred dollars worth of M. Graham oil paints that I can't afford. I'll have to take them back, end of story, but I looked online to see if I could buy them for less at but they don't sell that brand. While investigating I did find this information about the scientific properties of walnut v. linseed oil. I hadn't realized that M. Graham paints are actually made with walnut oil! I know that I love this brand very much but they are so freakin expensive.

Anyway, tonight after work I'm picking up my postcards from the print shop. They were super fast with this part because they didn't call me to come and look at the proofs as I'd requested. Oh well. I used the musical saw painting for the invites...if any of you out there want me to send you an invitation just email me your mailing address. I ordered a few extras this mailing list is growing longer and longer. I've started color coding it. So far I have codes for the following catagories:

Local/Previous Buyer
Local/Previous Attendee
Local/Gallery or Art Institution
In State/Previous Buyer
In State/Previous Attendee
In State/Gallery or Art Institution
Out of State
Out of State/Previous Buyer
International/Previous Buyer

I've used the color coded system to prioritize my list since last show I couldn't afford to send invites to everyone; I sent them out primarily to people who were the most likely to attend.

I'd love to print up new business cards for the show as well but my color copier is out of ink and I can't afford to buy a new cartridge yet (Damn you M. Graham and your seducing oil colors). Also, I still need to write a new press release (grrr) and make sure I have enough frames for all the pieces in progress, and print up the title cards...I know I'm forgetting something...but at least I'm starting to feel like I can pull this off.

Oh yah, Sunday night my friend Julie stopped by and let me take photos of her hands and feet for a few pieces I was struggling with (Thanks Julie!) She always gives me great pep talks too. She's the first person to see the paintings in person so I was anxious but she seems to think the show will be just fine. Relax already!

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on Friday, March 18th, Deborah said

Hi Elise,
Your blog is really great and is a big inspiration to me as I try to establish some regular painting habits! I stumbled onto M.Graham paints and love them too. Have you tried eBay? I think I paid around $85 for 24 tubes!! If you can't find them with a search, email me and I'll be happy to give you the name of the eBay store.
Hope you get lots done for your show this weekend.

on Friday, March 18th, Elise said

Thanks Deborah, could you give me the name of that store? You know...I tried to bring back the ones I bought from our local store because I didn't have the $ for them but the would only give me store credit, so I just kept them. I was paying retail prices for them though so 85 bucks for 24 tubes sounds like a dream.