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04/07/2005: "My Prints have Arrived"

Well, I went and picked up my Giclee prints this afternoon during lunch and they look fantastic. There is such a wonderful, almost 3-d aspect to them, you can see every ridge, every brush mark, and they did an excellent job of matching the colors. I ordered them a little bigger than I actually was thinking in my head so I think I'll get a smaller edition done as well...they'd be more affordable. But I've shown them to a couple people who've seen the originals and they were really impressed by the reproduction quality.

I got the prints made of the "Rain Country" exhibit from awhile back. I've already had 3 requests for the piece "Relics, 1917" and came to realize that's the only one I never had scanned. It sold to a local woman though, so maybe she'll loan it back to me.

I had to take out *another* cash advance on my credit card to pay for them, they cost a lot to have them done this way, on high quality archival paper and all, but in the end I think it was worth it. I didn't order very many because I'm not sure they will sell. Even if they don't sell, having the prints is nice because the paintings are long gone, and as it has become clear from the "Process or Artifact" post, I have some separation anxiety issues when it comes to my work.

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on Friday, April 8th,">Sammy said

I really liked that series, what sizes did you get and how much are you planning on selling them for?

Will you take credit cards?

on Friday, April 8th, Elise said

Currently I have 2 sizes but I'm going to order some smaller ones soon. I'm not sure how much they're going to cost yet. I have to do some factoring this weekend. I'm going to have some available to mail out in mailing tubes, those will cost less than the ones I matt.

For the matted ones, I'll have them mounted on foam core and shrunk wrapped using archival materials. I have the whole set-up for it, I just got the prints yesterday so I haven't had time yet.

But...I will try to get that done soon and yes, I can take credit cards and will try to set up an online shopping cart this weekend (as well as do my taxes, eeeks).

Thanks for the interest, I'll keep you posted.

on Friday, April 8th, holly said

Hmmm, might you have a Lupine Slumber in that nifty pile of Gilclees?

on Friday, April 8th, Elise said

There is indeed! I only had 2 made, because they are pretty big, I'll have to measure them but, big. They look great, though I'm going to order some smaller sized ones too because they'll be a lot less expensive. I'll keep ya posted!

on Saturday, April 9th, subi said

how exciting!!! can't wait to see how they come out! have you considered the possibility of doing sets of cards? the fact that you often work in a number of series seems to lend itself to this idea i think, and perhaps then, get your images out more, and then poor people can buy them too (like me!) :hehe: gosh, man, it is SO exciting for me to check out all of your work Elise... your one prolific mama!!!

on Saturday, April 9th, Elise said

Well, you can be the expat mama, and I'll be the prolific mama! What a team. By the way, went back and checked out Dusie, lookin good! I know that you're the publisher and all but I'd like to see some of your work in it!

Oh, and I like the card idea. I actually have some cards set up at Zazzle, but like so many things, I never followed through with getting anything done with them.