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04/08/2005: "Portrait of Cameron"

I had dinner at my friend Maren's house tonight, she just got back from a South African safari and wanted to tell me all about it. It sounds like she had such an adventure and she went by herself which I totally admire.

While I was there I saw a painting I had done that I had kind of forgotten about, of her dog Cameron in front of a glacier. I had never taken a photograph of it so I decided to since I had my camera with me. The lighting was really dark when I took it and also I'd had several glasses of wine so it's a bit shakey blurry, plus the blue in the image is actually more of a glacier blue, but you get the idea.

I'm taking guesses from people as to what they think the 2nd image is. Any ideas???

dog-portrait (48k image)

mystery-photo2 (30k image)

Replies: 9 Comments

on Saturday, April 9th, subi said

the third one???? brains? has kind of a meat like feel... or prosciutto???

i love the dog painting, esp the pic of dog & painting, cute! oh and to travel again! btw, some thought on 'communities' / as in places I still consider possibly living---Alaska!!! maybe even Juneau!!! (sigh)

on Saturday, April 9th, Elise said

Yes, you Harri and Stella should move to Juneau!

As for the image in #3, NOPE! Ha ha, it's a tough one eh?

on Saturday, April 9th, dave from Nebraska said

It looks like meat so it's probably not.
But I'll say dog food none the less.

on Saturday, April 9th, Elise said

Nice try but no...

I'll give a hint. It's *not* meat of any kind.

on Saturday, April 9th, Howard said

pickled brains?

on Saturday, April 9th, Elise said

Would brains count as meat?


but no Howard. Now excuse me while I go and throw up!

on Saturday, April 9th, holly said

Some sort of bizarre Alaskan fungus popping up? A vegetable or other plantlife shot a la Edward WEston?

on Saturday, April 9th, Elise said

You're getting closer Holly.

Two more hints:

1. It's part of a common plant (not just in Alaska).

2. It's poisonous to cats if ingested.

on Thursday, May 26th, Montreal Portrait Artist said

This is nice work. Is it true that fur is difficult to do?!