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05/16/2005: "The price of music"

Another Monday is did that happen? I had big plans for the weekend, primarily I was going to do some bouy racing on Sat. morning, but then it was raining and there was zero wind so not the best sailing conditions. Instead I played the guitar all weekend. The calluses on my left hand have reached impressive levels! I have a crappy $90 guitar from Costco, so I spent a great deal of time researching online for a new one. No, I don't have the money, but if I ever *do* get the money, I'll know more about what I want. I think I have it narrowed down to a 3/4 guitar made in Canada called the Seagull Grand Artist. It's beautiful and has (from everything I've read) an amazing sound. They quit making it but there are several mint condition ones being auctioned on ebay. I'm so so so tempted!

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on Monday, May 16th, holly said

Wow- you play guitar, too?!? Is there anything you *don't* do? I'm still overly impressed that you can play harmonica and that you have a boat. And you can paint. And you live in Alaska. Shall I go on? ;)

on Monday, May 16th, Elise said

YES, please do go on...

on Monday, May 16th, Elise said

uh, actually I was joking there! Maybe that would have been a good place for an emoticon?
Acutally, I enjoy doing a lot of different things but I'm not very good at any of them. I am getting better at the guitar but it's a slow process.

I never did get very good at the harmonica, it's an incredibly difficult instrument believe it or not. I do play the musical saw now though, and I'm getting better at that as well.

Do you play any instruments Holly? Oh wait, let me guess...the dulcian or the lute?

on Monday, May 16th, holly said

I started on violin in the 3rd grade and later switched to viola, but I gave it up in my 20s. Have always been a bit of a singer (my favortite instrument- it's free!). I tried guitar about 10 years ago and was just hopeless.

I wanted a harmonica SO BAD when I was about 12. Saved my money to buy one and a little book of music to go with and in no time at all had shredded my lips to ribbons. I totally believe that it's a hard instrument to play.

on Tuesday, May 17th, Elise said

The violin is acutually the instrument of my dreams. I can't play a full sized one as I'm too small, and it isn't a great instrument for someone with joint problems. I *really* want to learn it though it isn't practical at all.

As for singing, that is a great instrument to have indeed. My mom was a singer, she was amazing, she used to bring people to tears with her voice.

I inherited the love of singing but alas, not the voice.
You're very fortunate!

on Wednesday, May 18th, holly said

You're small?!? That's so funny, because you strike me as being a 5'9"-5'10" type o' gal-- big personality, active and outgoing, there in the wilds of Alaska. Funny ol' thing, getting to know people you've never met. It's like seeing a DJ you've listened to for years for the first time- they never look like you think they do.

on Wednesday, May 18th, Elise said

That *is* funny because how you pictured me is how I picture you! I'm actually just shy of 5' but I don't let it stop me from doing what I want (except for playing a full sized violin).