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05/16/2005: "Finding Inspiration"

There are times (many many many times) when I sort of lose my way and quit seeing the potential in everyday things. Tonight I took a spin around some of the artist blogs I haven't visited in awhile and saw such inventive and beautiful work. It's amazing how rejuvenating it is just to see what's being created daily, all over the world! 10 years ago this would have been impossible for someone living in a remote area like me.

Another thing I like to do is check out other figuative artists galleries using Google's subject directory. If you go to: Arts > Visual Arts > Painting > Painters > The Human Figure you can see a over 200 contemporary figuative artists' online galleries.

In other news, I got a really nice email from the guy who won the commission from the radio auction; I'm excited that he and his wife are interested in a painting in the alluvial flow vein, and not a portrait of George W or something awful like that. In fact, it was just cool to learn that the item was sold after all. For some reason, thinking that it hadn't had really gotten me down.

Is it just me or is there really that fine a line between feeling despondant and feeling over joyed?