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05/18/2005: "Alaskan Wild Life"

Tonight I went out for my first actual sail of the season and it was perfect. The wind picked up a few times and we were really heeled over. It was warm and sunny, there were beautiful funny looking black and white sea birds everywhere...aside from a fouled bow line when we were leaving the slip, everything went like clockwork. My sailing partner DeLynn and I have every Monday and Wednesday scheduled for sailing this summer and tonight was exactly what I needed. I took this shot during a bit of a lull.

first-sail (39k image)

    The nights are starting to get a lot longer, the pretty golden twilight lasts for hours and hours.

pretty-light (52k image)

    The funniest part of the night was when DeLynn pointed out the harbor seal to had it's head sticking out of the water and appeared to be watching us. We started whisphering, wondering how close we could get before he'd dive. I asked her to go below and get my camera. I must have taken 5 or 6 excited shots before we got close enough for me to get a really good look! There's a picture of the little fella below. LOL

harbor-seal (37k image)

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on Friday, May 20th, Jonathan said

"The nights are starting to get a lot longer" eh? And here I thought Alaska was in the northern hemisphere!

on Friday, May 20th, Elise said


I meant the *days* are getting longer.

BTW, is this the same Jonathan that used to work in a student gallery and posted here a lot but then disappeared?

on Friday, May 20th, Joan said

Remember to take this pictures out next winter/early spring.. when you are feeling blue about life in general and they will surely be a pick me up. My word, they are absolutely gorgeous. What a grand world we live in!! Have a great time sailing. I told Steve I want to have a sail boat before I die (not anticipated). Then we wondered if we could fish from a sail boat. I think so, but it sure does change the "atmosphere!"

ps - sorry about the size of the pictures I e-mailed to you. Should have used the other program. Just a bit of a sensory overload for me!

on Friday, May 20th, Elise said

Ah, yes...good idea Joan!

Don't worry about the picture sizes, it was probably good that you sent them to my hotmail account because it's so big. Anyway, I think it will be fun to work with you on this project.

on Friday, May 20th, Elise said

Oh yah, I forgot to answer your question about fishing, of course you can fish from a sailboat! I actually have a bbq grill that attaches to the rail. I've been out sailing where people have pulled up big king salmon, filleted them, and cooked them right on board. Nothing like it!

I think you should get a sail boat as soon as possible, you'd love it!

on Saturday, May 21st, subi said

so so beautiful! i miss alaska so!! hey lisey, did you name the cover print for my book yet? wasn't kaia's recent link great?!!! :)

on Saturday, May 21st, subi said

btw, remember the irish movie Roan Inish? so sweet!

on Saturday, May 21st, Elise said

Hey Subi, yah, I sent her a title already. The book looks so good, when it's available I'm going to order one!

By the way, what made you think of Roan Inish? But yes, I loved that film...

on Saturday, May 21st, subi said

and what is the title, pray tell! the seal reminded me of that story...

on Saturday, May 21st, Elise said

Ah yes, that makes sense. The title was "Open to the Sea". Not very original, but hey, I was pressed for time.