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05/17/2005: "The Pollen is Gonna Getcha!"

So, I've been having terrible headaches and blurry vision etc. for the past several weeks due to the huge amount of pollen floating about this spring but I though this photo from might be worth a 1000 words.

It has gotten slightly better since it rained some recently, but there's still a lot of it around.

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on Wednesday, May 18th, holly said

Lord, just looking at that picture made my head swell right up. My sympathies. If you're aren't averse to taking over-the-counter remedies, may I suggest the Sudafed non-drying weird blue gel capsules. They are incredibly miraculous things. They saved my life this spring- no kidding. If you're interested, I'll fetch a box (I buy several boxes when they go on sale) and tell you the *real* name.

on Wednesday, May 18th, Elise said

Hey Holly, if you wouldn't mind looking up the real name that would be excellent. I'll go and get some tomorrow morning...

on Thursday, May 19th, holly said

OK, the real name is Sudafed Maximum Strength Non-Drowsy Non-Drying Sinus Liquid Caps and the box looks like this. Get thee to a drugstore- you'll love them!

on Thursday, May 19th, Elise said

I just popped over to the drug store and picked some up. The pills are rather large, and tourqoise blue. ..pretty!

I've already taken 2 so hopefully I'll start to feel better soon. Thanks again!

on Thursday, May 19th, holly said

Usually takes about 20 minutes for them to kick in. Whatever you do NEVER EVER bite them!!! I did it once, and it took several hours to get the taste out of my mouth. :crazy:

Hope they work for you!

on Thursday, May 19th, Elise said

good advice!

And hey, I'm feeling better already...