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05/25/2005: "Taking Balance to the Extreme"

So, my quest for balance continues, the problem is that I suck at it. I interpret "balance" as doing a little bit o this and a little bit o that...I thought for awhile that I was isolating myself too much with my die hard work ethic in the studio and decided to scale back a little so I could do other fun summer stuff, like sailing. Now I find myself slowly becoming obsessed with sailing! When I get home at night rather than painting I go sailing, or research gear I can't afford, or read about making my own sails.

I promised myself to get some painting done, go see a movie, work in the yard and (finally) finish my damn taxes over the long weekend. Then I remembered this weekend is the start of the Juneau Cup:
from Mayflower Island to Taku Harbor, "where we will spend the night barbecueing, telling lies, and having fun". 2nd race starts at Taku Harbor to Twin Points and back, "where we barbecue, lie, and have fun again". The last race is back to town from Taku Harbor.

These overnight races are a ton of fun but it's a three day committment which means nothing else will get done. Anyway, all I think about these days is sailing, sailing,'s like my mind only has room for one desire at a time. Is there a prescription for that?

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on Wednesday, May 25th, holly said

Hmmm. I'm supposed to be working on German and studying for my quals. So what do I do when I get home from class? Sit down and read, research clipless pedals and what kind of distance rides I can do around here. My advisor is not going to be impressed in the least that I've logged 140 miles on my bike and plan to do a 100 mile ride in October. She's going to wonder why I'm not ready to take my exams.

And why am I sitting here commenting on your blog when I have my German book spread out in front of me? Better go see what's going on at bikeforums...

on Wednesday, May 25th, Elise said

LOL, want to bring your bike on a sailing race this weekend?

on Wednesday, May 25th, Dio said

Story of me life - jack of all trades, master of none... Do a bit of this here, bit of that there and end up feeling unsatisfied in several fields rather than just one...

Just to break from the current concentration on webstuff, I'm expecting to do some quick and dirty painting/drawing pieces before the end of the week and my eyes melt...


on Wednesday, May 25th, Elise said

Hey Dio, what kind of webstuff have you been working on? I'm doing some cool course specific research pages for the library. I think they look pretty damn good, and are functional, and I'm even adding some streaming video for little tutorial bits.

Rather than orienting them to a discipline, I'm making them address a particular type of common research assignment. It has been a lot of fun, switch gears now that I'm done teaching for the whole summer.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your quick and (dirty!) :confused: paintings/drawings if you end up posting any.

on Thursday, May 26th, Dio said

Well, as you've asked. (Back links are always nice...)

Cheesy Movies Reviews - Been concentrating on this 'un a lot, writing reviews (latest one is for your old fave Night Of The Comet).

Fantasy Meeting League - which is actually a site I did about 3 years ago and was going to junk, but with .coms being so cheap I'll just stick it up on its own for the fun of it.

Viral Auctions - Interesting auctions - its PHP so its easy to add stories too, now the initial setup is finished.

Chav Mum - You did the Chav test didn't you?

Plus the normal blog and plans for a whole new art site for me as well as a whole new photography gallery in the planning.

That said, I will get dirty with ink tonight hopefully as I really do need to get away from a monitor.

In fact, I did some prep sketches and will do some more today, but I had a sore throat last night so gave the dusty shed a miss. Feeling up for it today though. :D

on Thursday, May 26th, Elise said

Oooh, goody....Night of the Comet! I'll wait until after work to read it, I'm still at home at the moment and trying to limit my blogging to morning before work, lunch, and after work (like the good worker bee I am).

And I did take the Chav test, though I admit I was a bit lost with some of the references. I understood enough to realize I was raised about 98% Chav (and *loved* it)...though one has tried to be more posh as one ages).

Well, all those sites are cool and I'll check em out more after work, plus new photography (Yeah!).

I've been remiss in making the rounds this week.

BTW, is your studio in the dusty shed? Neato.

on Thursday, May 26th, Dio said

Not only is it a dusty shed, after a wee start tonight its a dusty shed with a half finshed canvas in it. :D

Actually really enjoying it and can't wait till tomorrow to get back to it!

on Thursday, May 26th, Elise said

YEAH! Go Dio!!! :P

on Friday, May 27th, holly said

*gasp* Dio's PAINTING again?!?!?
/falls over