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05/26/2005: "Getting a little freaked out..."

Well, I have tomorrow (Friday) off and I plan to go down and prep Rozinante for the big weekend race. The only trouble is, this will be my first weekend trip in my little boat. I've only been out overnight in big yachts with experienced crew. It will just be Jen and I, and she's never done it on a small boat either. Rozinante is seaworthy but the Alaskan coastal waters are icy cold (you have 10 minutes tops if someone goes in the water) and the weather incredibly unpredictable and quick changing.

I went and bought a combination GPS chart-plotter with maps of the area where we'll be sailing, but I don't have a depth sounder (a warning goes off if you're about to ground or run into something under the water)..which makes me uncomfortable.

I ran into another sailing friend at the marine store, he helped me pick out the GPS unit and he seems to think we'll have no problem either but now that the time is fast approaching, I'm starting to feel really nervous. Anyway, I guess it's the next step for me as a sailor and I want to do it, even if I'll be stressed out the entire time. I do plan to take a sketch pad and water colors for when were in the harbor, that makes me feel less guilty about neglecting my artly ways.

So, just in case I meet my fate in the dark dark depths...I bid you all adieu!
(drama queen much)

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on Friday, May 27th, Dio said

Speak nicely to the whales, they'll keep an eye out for you... You get Whales out your way? :D

on Friday, May 27th, Elise said

Yes, whales and all other kinds of sea mammals. I'll be sure to speak very nicely indeed.

on Friday, May 27th, holly said

If you go down, you're not gonna come back through the TV set, all creepy and slimy like that chick in "The Ring", are you? ;)

Be safe and have a wonderful time!

on Friday, May 27th, Elise said

Hmmm Holly, honestly, I haven't decided yet. I was thinking I'd come back like Goldie Hawn in "Death Becomes Her" or possibly a zombie...

on Saturday, May 28th, RR said

Have a great trip. I have every confidence in your sailing ability and think you'll have a great time. Can't wait to hear all about it. Take Care :-)

on Saturday, May 28th, Pam said

Have a great trip!

on Monday, May 30th, dave from Nebraska said

SeaZombies rule!
Hope you are having a blast.

on Tuesday, May 31st, subi said

okay, now i'm worried, where are you! :cry: how was the trip? elise, elise...come back, it's Tuesday already!

on Tuesday, May 31st, Elise said

Sea Zombies, yes!

And subi, don't cha worry, I'm home!!