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06/02/2005: "Roommate wanted?"

Well, I'm getting ready to take off for my first kickboxing class. I'm a little nervous but I think it will be fun. Today I printed off some "Roommate Wanted" signs to hang up around downtown. I do this all the time, it's practically a hobby for me (making the signs) but then I never end up going through with it. I really *need* to now, I've been on this manic, sunshine induced charging extravaganza and I'm at the point where I really need to start bringing in some extra money. Particularly since I'm not showing my work or selling as much at the moment...

I was wondering if it's a common phenomenon for artists to slack off a bit in the summer when the days are long and the weather intoxicating (more so than a lung full of Liquin)...

I just read Anna Conti's journal and it seems the long days and sunshine are helping her to paint more than ever. Somehow that made me feel guilty. I'm using all my energy to play play play....(and spend money I don't have yet).

Oh well, I'll have all the long dark winter to make up for it.

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on Friday, June 3rd, Jane said

I usually take time off in the summer too. I work more when the weather is bad, I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing.

on Sunday, June 5th, Elise said

Yah, I think there is a constant battle between developing good work habits and working within one's own creative cycle. I'm trying to do both...but it isn't always easy is it?

on Wednesday, June 8th,">rodney remily said

How much is the rent?
Would you accept Bladerunner movies and bottles of wine??

on Wednesday, June 8th, Elise said


Subi commented about wanting to be roomies again and I told her we should hunt you down as well to see if we could talk you into moving back in too! How funny…where the hell are U? And as far as wine for room is concerned, that would depend on the wine!

on Wednesday, June 8th, Elise said

Oh yah, and when she asked about the incident where someone overheard me obsessing about him, to give her a hint as to whom I was referring I reminded her of the time I paid you 3? dollars to drive me past his house. That was a dark time for me.
No names, OK!

on Wednesday, June 8th, rodney remily said

Ha! That was a dark/funny time. I'm in Anchorage till the 15th of june. I've been lurking on your site for some time now.... :cool:
maybe I'll visit in august/sept.

Call you later tonight perhaps.

on Wednesday, June 8th, Elise said

Really??? You might come and visit moi here in Juneau?

Where will you be after June 15th and why would the visit be in August/Sept? Just keep in mind I'll be gone for the last couple of weeks in July in case you decide on any suprise visits like what you planned with Edwin that time...wait, was that you?

ah, too many mind altering substances in that dark/funny time, my memory is nearly shot.

Anyway, I've been out walking about but I'm home now if you do decide to call...